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  1. server status

    Net-7 Main page says "Unknown", server could be down.
  2. This is not normal lol

    Invisible toons, and this awesome trade screen.  
  3. Zweihander Gating Errors

    Yeah, if you ever need a test dummy feel free to hit me up. I am always willing to help, and I am pretty technically inclined.
  4. Zweihander Gating Errors

    So I was having issues with my TT for pretty much anything Zweihander related, on account of not being able to gate from Witberg to Zweihander. I luckily got to sit down and have a chat with Blacklung(IS GOD BTW), and we tried numerous things that could be the cause.  Causes Determined   Make sure all 4 check-boxes next to the server list are checked. Files may be corrupt( Reinstall via https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9469-how-to-get-into-the-game/ ) ISP Issues - Can be solved via router settings or contacting your ISP Validate a clean Uninstall/Install of Net7/EnB Client Disable Anit-Virus or add Exceptions to the folder(not just the file) If you have any questions also the teamspeak (net-7.org) is a great place to find what you need.
  5. ST4 Probs

    placid_creator@hotmail.com I wanna get back into the Freedom Fighters already
  6. ST4 Probs

    Arg no luck, I have tried EVERYTHING!
  7. ST4 Probs

    Could you possibly manually add it for me Slayer? I just wanna play already! Damn my forgetful memory!
  8. ST4 Probs

    Tried, it doesnt work. I have tried every username I have ever used lol. I get the user not added error.
  9. ST4 Probs

    So I have tried to register on the forums on the new net7 site.. But for the life of me I cannot remember ever signing in with a username..only my email address. Is there anyway a Moderator or Slayerman could send me that info? I would really hate to re-register, but that seems like it might be my only option unless I can find out my username for these forums.
  10. Unable to validate login information

    If I could find the post I'd link it lol.. In Net7 Launcher Click Help/Advanced Settings then hit the Force Update button. Then check for updates and it should recheck for proxy and launcher etc. The cert install is also in that same help menu.
  11. Unable to validate login information

    try doing a force update, see if that helps. or reinstalling your cert. are you getting that error in game?
  12. Unable to validate login information

    Did you activate your account via e-mail? sorry if I am not useful.
  13. Unable to validate login information

    well what the eff lol. Maybe I can't reg cuz u can authenticate? I wanna play on the new server!
  14. Unable to validate login information

    As for your error, the servers are not up as of right now I don't think...I have a red smiley for server up. : \
  15. Unable to validate login information

    I'm getting this error when trying to register on the net7 website. When I login to these forums I use my email....yet no characters are allowed in this registration...so no email. I have tried every username I normally use...no luck, any help? lol