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  1. Hi All,   i ws wondering if there is an active Dutch or European guild i could join .   i just started to play again .   PS lvl 11 :)
  2. Hi Everyone , i just hit OL 140 - CL 50 ( so got weapons and max shield) and i find myself shooting up random mobs in Cooper/BBW for days now and only boosting my credits i would like some advice what to do at this level so I dont get bored, (already made another toon ) any fun hunting grounds or so special items to procure. Thanks in advance Sandersst ( TE) ( alt: Harvester - JE)
  3. Thanx a lot both of you ,, ik just got my big bertha's build ,and am now lvl-ing up to TL 35 zo I can make my own lvl 6 ammo. gr. sandersst TE ( 30-24-34)
  4. Hi Everyone,, ik hope someone can help me out , my TE is now CL 30 and i want to buy some lvl 6 missile launchers, i use 3x grand ogun atm and 1 onyx , but i heared that the best way to go at lvl 6 is with 4x Bertha only problem it seems is that i cant make those missiles myself..... , is this the best choice? or does anyone have some other tips? thanx in advance Sandersst _ TE 30-24-27
  5. Guess the big question is: Who's got Davids phone number
  6. thanx , i guess i will keep checking the forum and launchnet7
  7. Hi Guys , just installed EaB a week ago, so dont know exactly how this goes with server problems/crashes , this server crash , any idea if it will be up again soon/this weekend ? GF just left for the weekend and was looking forward to play some EaB .. thanx for the reply, Newbie Terran Enforcer -- Sandersst--
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