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  1. ok thx for reply, dunno why its in dutch suddenly,   any ideas how to fix the local dns problem?   regards   bavaria
  2. What am i doing wrong? last night no problems and 2day i get this in log   LaunchNet7 - Exception Version: Time: Sun, 06 Jan 2013 18:45:59 GMT Message: De externe naam kan niet worden opgehaald: 'patch.net-7.org' System.Net.WebException: De externe naam kan niet worden opgehaald: 'patch.net-7.org'    bij LaunchNet7.LauncherUtility.DownloadString(String url, Int32 timeoutInMilliseconds)    bij LaunchNet7.Updateing.Updater.CheckForUpdates()     plz help thx     regards bavaria
  3. To whom this concerns   Last night (ET) everything worked fine, but now this morning when i try to login, everytime i put in the username and password ( client ), i CTD, i tried everyting, changed servers, debugging..... Nothing happens :(   plz need assistance, prolly im doing something wrong..   plz help   Regards   Bavaria
  4. game hangs @ starmap.... Location (null), server soon down?????????????, job items not leaving cargo hold, but getting the xp byexecuting the jobs!!   regards, bavaria
  5. everytime i mine that same hulk in xipe server goes boom hehe
  6. Delete the old Net7Proxy in c:\net7\bin   and force patch and after that debug launch helped for me, i'm back into the game again   grtz bavaria
  7. i have exactly the same problem LOL
  8. This afternoon i could login with no problem, but in the evening after the crash, i get every time i want 2 excess the game, the version problem, what do i need to do to get back in??   I reinstalled evrything now a couple of times but still nothing :(   Regards, Bavaria
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