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  1. ok, I can start the game now, but it won't take my login info. Is it the same as logging into the portal? I tried that but it does not work Also, it is a small window
  2. I get this while trying to launch
  3. I go to start the game and get this:
  4. Hmmm....ok. I click on the executable and it shows trying to pach. Then I get Couldn't connect to the update server try again later
  5. Ripster


    Thanks Now all I have to do is try again to connect for the patch download. I always get : Couldn't connect to the update server
  6. I guess I'll try tomorrow again
  7. Downloading patch information.........Could'nt connect to the update ser, try again later
  8. Ripster


    Is there a map I can download?
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