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  1. Cant find the donate button Would like to send a christmas present
  2. THANKS!!!!! That's exactly the help I needed.
  3. I'm adding a screenshot to make what I wrote clearer for people. If you look at the screenshot below, you can see that my 2 beams show correctly on the bottom left side. Howver, on the bottom right side, none of my skills show and are impossible to activate. The skills are wormhole, jumpstart, cloak, fold space, and shield leech. Hot keys won't activate the skills either. I have completely uninstall EnB and EnB emulator and reinstalled. But that hasn't helped. Any help or pointers as to how to fix would be appreciated. Thanks, Stosh
  4. i am a JE and have lost the ability to do all of my skills. My beams show on the left of mys ship so I can use them. However, nothing shows on the right side of my ship. I can't see: wormhole, jumpstart, fold space, shield leach, or cloak.There is no toggle button to go between 123 and 456 stations. Has anyone else ran into this problem? Any help is appreciated. Thanks sosh
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