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  1. DwnldDude

    Dev interfering on raids

    So sorry, I don't have much to say raiding wise as my toons have just barely started raiding, but how dare you threaten to not create Christmas content! That sounds like letting the dev life and player life affect each other again... Please don't punish the whole community for a disagreement between a couple of the more powerful folks in the game. MAKE THE CHRISTMAS EVENT GREAT AGAIN!
  2. DwnldDude

    Essential Missions?

    What are some essential mission chains to do at higher levels (all classes) for Equipement and/or recipes? Example: Mission for dT key, Prof Hubble Mission for shooting star reactor recipes)
  3. Hello, i typo'd in one of my game account creations, Game account us Zlverje should be Zilverje (somehow missed the i) is it possible to change that account name? or would it be easier for me to transfer the avatars off of that account then have it deleted, then create a new one? Question 2, would it be possible to rename one of my characters? would love to rename Zilverblue to Zilvertank
  4. DwnldDude

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    Do believe it just went down
  5. DwnldDude

    V'Rix Formation for player groups

    I would love to be able to use the formation that the V'rix use, it sort of keeps all of the team relatively equa-distant, it's presumably already in game somewhere, so it probably wouldn't be hard to add it as a / command maybe
  6. DwnldDude

    AHK And Multiboxing

    AH i figured it out. my second monitor is only 1600x900, so when it loads the alt windows they must be too small to run. i switched my monitors around, and it works loading the alts on the 1080p monitor.
  7. DwnldDude

    AHK And Multiboxing

    Hmm. so i got it mostly working, however when it tries to move the alt window, the window it just disappears. I can see the alt window, the right size on top of my main window, then instead of popping over to the second monitor it just dies. Then it does the same with the second alt window.
  8. DwnldDude

    Merchant Marines

    HI! Zilver here! Just finding my way into the emulator, I can't believe it took me this long! I also want to thank all my old MM friends that put up with me as a teenager... that was a long time ago, and i'm sure i was annoying lol. My names in game are as you would expect... Zivlerjd zilverje zilverjs (leveling my psionically inclined, cloaky friends first)