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  1. Hello Zooka-Go, Welcome! During the summer months, it is quieter also -- once people are back from holidays, kids ensconced in school and winter weather deterring outside activities-- it gets much busier. Best, Dimity
  2. Missing Item~ Quest Finishable?

    I had a very quick response to my ticket this past week- of course it was something I had forgotten and not really a glitch- but thankfully, everyone is very patient.
  3. Mission: Dahin Planet Climate Study

    This one was a puzzle- Thanks for this, now I can go back and find it and finish that mission.
  4. Advocate Election poll

    I am told I need to make a certain number of posts -- let's see if five is the magic number.
  5. Advocate Election poll

    I'd like to take this opportunity to say - This game is great and thanks to all who work so hard to bring it alive.
  6. Advocate Election poll

    Well I am going to spam myself here to enable voting. So no one pay attention to this post.
  7. Advocate Election poll

    Did we get a post like this? Best, Dimity
  8. New Player Guide To E&b

    This was very helpful!