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  1. from one of the Beta Testers of E&B when ea was vamping up for the real live release . i remember how much lag there was on that day of release and i did not care, i had been testing for 2 months i remember i got stuck inside of mars and had to call a gm . i also remember when ea ripped out my heart for the game i loved so much . and now sitting here playing it even with some glitches . i find once again i have found my happiness . wow never brought this not did Eve, or lineage 2 this game stands out . space just has the magic and earth and beyond is filled with that magic . Hats off to the dev team work on this for no money but just love for the game . thank you and i hope you can make earth and beyond your own . I hope you can make all the changes you want . i might say give the terrain scout a enargy shield it's needed badly . with one pee shooter we need the protection lol. thank you soo very much . from my heart and soul thank you from lord lonewolfviii
  2. guy i also have this happen to me infrequently so this is what i do to fix the issue you have your emulator patch programe for the client and then the client (the game in stalled) first make sure your emulator is upto date i just run the patch program let it patch the simplay run the emulator and e&b will run after you retype your password . barring the server is not down it works for me every time . what it resets is beyond me but gets me to the char screen. i never have issues with the emulator . not as of yet amd Phenom 9550 quad core proessor 6 gig ram 2 9500gt sli gaming cards 2 gig video mem 2 tera bits from 5 hard drives wd's windows vista ultimate ser pk 2 amd quad p
  3. can you make a new link for downloading the emulator , i am having issues loging in so i would like to replace the emulator maybe it might be currupted. i still as before want to say what a great job all of you are doing and thanks for keeping e&b alive if i win the lotto you will hear from me
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