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  1. I found Queen Patinas exactly where you said.   I wasn't aware there'd be dozens of them. I thought 'queen' implied only one :)   Thanks, Daen
  2. Hey, all. I've just started the game, and a very friendly person gave me a level 2 engine, the Idle Hands. It basically allows infinite free-warp, which has been very useful to me. I was told it can be farmed, somewhere in Progen Sentinel areas, but I've searched multiple sites including the Net-7 Database and failed to find out exactly where it drops. I could Analyze it to try to build more, but it's risky. I don't want to take the risk until I know where to farm up another one if I fail.   Thanks, Daen   PS I'm sure there are other rare items out there that I'll eventually want to track down. If any of you know of a good site that includes drop locations, please let me know.
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