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  1. I doubt any would remember me - but just in case they do.     I was on pegasus, names were things like.. Afelirick, Ajelirick, Afelikoth, Htokilefa.  I was in a guild named.. Trade Federation? Traders Federation?  I recall one fellow I spent a lot of time with in EnB being named Hipposomething.  He referred to me as Aflac.  Spent most of my time as a TT, but I never quite made it to endgame.  My mmo attention was very flighty back then, though I both loved and played them all very intensely.
  2. I'm having this issue as well.  Probably going to try a full reinstall here in a little bit.   *edit - uh.. nevermind I guess.  Third restart and it works.   *another edit!  I'm not a big fan of things not working and then working without me knowing what I did, so I restarted again and let everything get going before trying.  Apparently bitdefender decided it didn't like enb anymore.  I rarely restart - so I might've killed the BD process before for whatever reason, I've only been playing enb again for the last few days, I'm guessing that when it worked earlier I had it launched before the few on-startup programs I run got going.  Wouldn't launch with bitdefender running - will launch without.  This may be 100% unrelated to everyone elses problems, sorry!
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