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  1. Would it be possible to add better support for multiple monitor use? For example I have a duel setup. I have the game on one screen and for example the web browser on the other. With most other games if I want to access the second monitor I just move the mouse to the second monitor and click away. With E&B I can't do that. The mouse will stop at the border of the game screen. If I click the edge of the screen it is the same as Alt-Tabing. Trying it in windowed mode does not help. Only way to access the second monitor is to Alt-Tab out. After several times Atl-Tabing the game usually crashes, or it messes up my system and I have to reboot. Having that second monitor is quite handy for looking up game related info. Build info, maps, etc without having to minimize the game. Thanks.
  2. Link no longer any good. [quote name='neuroval' timestamp='1310653553' post='43244'] Ripster, try this instead: http://isometricland.com/games/enb_javascript_map.php [/quote]
  3. Thanks guys. Ying, that spreadsheet was awesome. Thanks a ton.
  4. I am looking for some type of spreadsheet that lists mobs, there levels, and where there at. I have found it quite irritating plus difficult at times to find things to kill appropriate to my level. More then once I have gone "exploring" looking for mobs and warp into a nasty zone and die. Dieing I don't mind, the exp debt and cost to get towed back can be painful and irritating. I know there were spreadsheets out years ago that I printed out. But can't seem to find them anymore.. If anyone can help, it's greatly appreciated.
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