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  1. Hello, thanx for a great contribution, i have a few questions though. For some reason, my alt windows loads, then disconnects all the time. I rerun EnbAltBoxer with 1 to 5 alts, same error. Alt games starts, i can see the game window, then crash. Any idea what this can be? I also would like to know how i can change so all my alt windows are the same size. I have a large screen 3440*1440, so id like to have my main in the middle full size and the alt beside the main window. Like 3-1-2. I got the main window to use full hight, but the alts (havent touched that code yet) disconnects or crashes, dunno whats happening. Any hint to what im doing wrong would be very appreciated. Cheers /Droopy
  2. Where can i change the size of the alt windows? Id like to have one large main, and 1-5 small alts of the same size on my 3440*1440 monitor. Cheers
  3. Hello, EnB work lovley on my 21:9 screen (3440*1440), my ship and the space (including NPC's and such looks perfect). But the GUI, buttons, inventory, map, etc is enormous. Is there a way to scale down the GUI a bit? Like 50%, or even custom scaling? Cheers Droopy
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