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  1. I just have one question. I have a character I just created.... I guess I leave it in the folder it's in now..... I was told once the character and class gets registered on the server I can't change something ever again. Was it the character's look on future re-rolls, was it I needed to preserve the avatar file, what was the special thing I needed to know before I rename this file so it fits into slot 2 and hopefully register.
  2. I created my a character a few days ago and when I created her it was a Jenquai Explorer I used hull/wing 1 and at first I painted all primary and secondary with the metallic gold preset. I wanted to change it a little and some of the secodary I made flat silver I meant to put a decal on but forgot but I said to myself I can probably change it later.   I got to a station where I could change the paint scheme. I took all the secondary I made flat silver and used the metellic gold preset on them so that the ship had a nice solid color and added the decal I wanted from before, payed my 55,000 credits, and pressed accepted. But when I viewed her in the hangar she still had the old paint scheme from character creation. So I followed the advice of a fellow server mate and relogged, I actually closed the game down, waited a few minutes, and logged back in. The paint scheme was still messed up. Is this a bug or do I need to use the standalone ship editor?
  3. Newbie here. And I want to Thank you Net-7! :) I played other MMOs and I am throughly convinced if Net-7 had ran original rather then EA calling the shots it would have saved me from the headache that was EVE. So keep up the good work and I'll keep playing. :)
  4. I'm already in the game. I had to cave and use my gmail account. But I just want to know why it was banned in the first place... How do you ban an address you have no knowledge of?
  5. I looked at the EnB article on wikipedia holding out hope for some good news it was a good game I just never got a chance to play it. I saw a annotation about this website and figured ok I can roll with that. :XD   So I navigated to the main page from the wikipedia link and looked at the FAQ and followed it I had to create my account info now admittedly I had Noscript on for the website so some of the scripts on the account creation tab were off and I had to enable them which causes the page to be refreshed. So I just filled in the info that didn't get saved and since I was done I hit Create Account. I accepted the EULA and all that good stuff. A authentication window pops up asking me to put in the username and password for the forum URL. I don't have that info because I don't work for Net7 so I hit cancel and got a access denied, invalid credentials white screen. I figured it was a one off bug and tried again and the same results.   So I did a google search hoping to find something on the issue and found nothing other then a link to the forums and some topic google picked out of the blue I saw a create account button there as well and decided to try it hoping to have better luck then on the main website. Same result but this time a red box appeared next to the email field telling me my email address is banned and heres where I am confused.   How can my email address be banned from a game where I did not play the original, nor the emulator. I quite literally found this site a few hours ago. I don't even think I had a EA account back when this game was run by them and this is my first time playing on Net 7. So what did I do wrong?
  6. Hello everybody my name is Joseph I always wanted to play EnB but never had the chance when it came out I didn't have a system capable of running it well and I didn't have the money to spare. And when I did get a system and money to do it EA falcon punched the game and I missed it by a few months. And then a few hours ago I did a check on the wikipedia article for EnB and saw a annotation for the emulator and here I am. :D
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