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  1. On 3/11/2013 at 4:29 PM, Phorlaug said:

    Ten-Gu Carapace dropping by the handfull in the Raids?

    I don't know what server your playing on, but the Carapace's have dropped only

    3-4 times in 4 raids, 2 inside Fish Bowl raids done, 2 outside raids done.

    i know times that i had no drop in GR and some times had 4 or 5 in 1 GR.

    In the FB they drop less but yea less mobs aswell

  2. i just installed a fresh game onto my new windows 10 coputer and dit not have to change any thing of the setting. just down load the ENB game and the net-7 unified installer.

    instal the game then run the net-7 unified installer, update the net-7 launcher by running it and your done.

  3. hi there im trying to create an account on the forums and it wont load when i press create. some one els who wants to play the game tryed it aswell and he can not create an forum account aswell im getting error 500 afther waiting for 2 min. pls fix asap

  4. Hi,


    I am in the Netherlands too - KPN, and I am getting dropped at gates. Was there a solution found ?


    I have tried everything but the MTU.




    the solution that KPN gave me was realy simple to fix this.


    Get a other internet suplyer.or buy an older modem on marktplaats but this modem needs to be atleast 3 years old, and hope you got the correct one. 


    (and this was the advise of KPN them self because there is no other way)

  5.    And you were correct. Once i checked "Prototype Reorder" the problem was resolved. :blink: Why isn't it checked by default upon install? If it was I wouldn't have wasted every ones time with it. Perhaps mention it in the install directions as well? I could be blind but I didn't see it mentioned at all in the install directions.


    Anyhow thanks for the information. When I posted this a current player in the game had told me to make sure it wasn't checked!! SO I definitely got off on the wrong path from the start.  It was a huge relief when I could finally gate and or dock without system lock up!!


    Thanks again!

    because there are also people with us that dont check the Reorder because it works better for them.

  6. wy do you use those reactors? i use an shooting star 8 and for shield i use an devils heart or an black force 9 and when you can try to use an Smiter's wrath in stead of the bolas the comps for that weapon's ammo is easyer to get.

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