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  1. Hey guys thanks for your response, with or without this modification it's still a great game. It was the first proper internet game I ever played and like most people was gutted when they switched off the servers, so glad and grateful that you have put your time into getting it running again
  2. Currently shift right click will move stuff between your ship's hold and your station vault when you're on docked - a very useful shortcut ! Can that be made context sensitive such that when you have a trade window open the same shift right click moves stuff between your ship's hold and the first empty trade box ? Saves all that dragging and dropping and holding shift down to move stacks without getting the qty prompt. Maybe take it a step further and when the equipment window is open it could move ammo from the ship's hold into the first available weaon.
  3. You know how shift right click moves stuff in and out of your inventory, would be great if there was a shortcut that moved stuff in and out of the trade window as well.  Maybe make it context sensitive so shift right click works on the trade window if it's open.  Oh and while were on the subject, make it work for loading ammo and devices when the ship window is open.   OK I'm lazy, deal with it :P  
  4. I was running two instances about an hour and a half ago, went to eat, when I came back I had the "won't select anything, won't quit to login/desktop" bug.  Now I can't log in any more, freezes on sector map after selecting character.  Tried rebooting PC, rebooting router, no good.  Seems like there's a few of us with this same problem now.  Must be server side I guess.
  5. Thanks for the reply redoc.  The "Delete TH6 Files" check box has always had a tick in it, so I actually did the opposite of your suggestion and removed the tick.  Logged straight in no problem.  So I don't know if I read your advice wrong or I just got lucky but I'm back in the game again.   Only have one hard drive in my system and I usually log in to EnB right after boot up so the drive has been well exercised but thanks for the tip, I'll bear that in mind should I see this issue again.   I played EnB when it was live all those years ago, loved it, missed it, can't thank you guys enough for bringing back again.  Awsome job guys.
  6. Started having problems yesterday with login, enter user name and password, press enter, loading screen closes.   Tonight I have a new version of that.  Afer pressing enter I get a windows critical error message:-   "There is no disk in the drive.  Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR1"   I get the option to Cancel, Try Again or Continue.  None of the options work and login screen closes.   I also get a Windows error saying "Net7Proxy.exe has stopped working" every time I close the game down.   Got three PCs running the game, only one is crashing out at login screen, all three get the Ne7Proxy message on game exit.   Any ideas please ?  
  7. I have the same issue outlined in the previous post.  It just started doing it tonight after uploading a couple of patches.  Gets to the logon screen, I enter user name and password, hit enter and the screen disappears.  Been playing a couple of weeks with no real problems but tonight just can't get into the game.  Running Vista, running game as admin.
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