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  1. Forgot to quote you. See above post. Thank you.
  2. Ah yes, of course. It was all my mistake. I was confused on what program I was using so long ago. This was all a miss understanding. I searched for multi boxing’s demos and one of them was using HotKeyNet. With watching this video and watching his steps of renaming windows, I quickly realized I was mistaken and the error for confusion was my fault. I got it to work the other night and have started to rebuild a script from what I remembered doing. Thanks for the help again and I will see you out there.
  3. I have solved my issue. I thank you for the help.
  4. Hi Lquan, thanks for your response. I am currently not having any issues with running multiple instances of Earth & Beyond. My issue is I can’t recall how I was able to get AC Tool to interact with the different running instances of the game. I used to play 3 toons and had macros to Target assist firing, shield recharging, etc. I can’t remember how I was able to determine what game window I would be sending key commands to. I do not remember what I did. A few guesses would be that I was able to change the windows name by alt clicking right or left and changing there. Or it could of been a command line in command prompt. I just do not recall. If I would lean towards one way or another it would be renaming the window with a click command or something. I am pretty sure somebody has help me in the past, either I read it on the forums, somebody multi boxing told me in game, or other.
  5. Hello. It has been a handful of years since I have last played this game on Sunset. Just recently I have had an urge to play the game a little here and there. I am trying to dig deep and remember my old multi box setup. If I remember correctly the program could be AC Tool. I can't be too entirely sure, but I have downloaded the program and it looks sort of familiar. I had macros setup to run 3 toons at a time. For the life of me I can't recall how I was about to have the macro interact with the individual windows. After I loaded the 3 different instances of E&B I vaguely remember what I would do to somehow rename the windows so I can call on the individually with SetActiveWindow or something. My memory if very fuzzy on this. I know I was able to achieve something like this before and it would be a great help if somebody could jog my memory on what I could of possibly have done. I have been searching forums for the past 4 days here and there searching for my answer. So far I could not find a possible answer so I will just reach out on this forum for help. I have also made some time to see if I could recover my old macro files or any information I had on what I was doing. I have search old hard drives and turned up nothing. Looking forward to any help. Thank you.
  6. I am just happy the dev' have the time to work out the bug. thanks.
  7. I downloaded the Net 7 update for October today and I am now unable to play EnB. While I was reading the updated content a dialog box came up and promt this program is now longer working or something. Gave me a option to quit program or continue running program. Since I was not done reading I continue to run program. When I click the Play button the dos promt opens and prepares to open EnB. EnB loads and I can see the loading screen for a few seconds before the application is minamized and I am brought back to the dos promt. When I try to click on EnB to bring back up front it appears to go to full screen and then re-minamizes. I have to force quit enb to exit the program. I have tried it several times with the same result.. Please Help.
  8. Sunspot

    login down?

    So I tried the Local Cert option and it was not letting me in at all. So instead of closing out the game and restarting I just kept clicking accept every time it would i was denied. On the 5th accept it let me in.
  9. Asking about how group buffs work. Say you are a JD and invited into a group, you give the group buff of critical targeting to the group. My question is, If the other group member is in another sector do you still get the group buff of critical targeting for yourself? The way it looks like to me if the buff stays active when no group members are around. It would be better to group with a friend that can be doing trade runs while a JD farms mob for the individual group buff of critical targeting added into your combat. Is this true/how it works? Also how would the exp work from killing mobs would you get full credit? Or would it be like another player was there (lower exp per kill) and you wouldn't get the group bonus (Group member out of range). Would be the only downside if it where true for leveling combat. Was going to post this topic into the Class Forum. I did not like the choice on where the topic should be posted. No general Discussion under the topics just break down into smaller topics. Plus not much activity going on with the forum sector compared to this General Discussion.
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