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  1. Will do and very much appreciated (it'll be after work 'til I get my info).
  2. In the Title...been away for a year or so, had to reinstall on my PC (laptop still has game installed), and I'm ready to go. Characters are all there on Net-7 Portal, but when I log in on either account, there's only one toon, and it ain't mine. Please help: the desire to play is high, but, having played in Live, and there for Sunset, not sure I can make the grind again. TIA.
  3. Retired USMC GySgt...small town in Eastern NC USA, near a small town called Jacksonville; home of MCB CLNC, the Carolina MAGTF and Forces in Readiness! One of my SSgt's was playing the Beta for this weird little space mmo, started playing after it went Live when I needed a distraction during med leave from back surgery...anyway, Han's Dynasty (Outstanding Guild on Orion-sorry Pest, et al...), A.W.O.L. and finally GSX Elite at Sunset. Absolutely amazed at the work of the DEV's to bring this much-beloved game back; and as always-EA Sux! Siriouser Sends
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