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  1. I have completed all but the last two steps of the Survival of the Fittest/ Hull Patch Skill mission set. (4/6) requires you to go onto Zweihander Planet and hand the Proto Device (Engine) over to Amiral Herrera. I have the Zweihander entry gate 'black hole' issue and yes, I've tried all of the 'tweaks' (disabled IPV6,etc) posted in the Forums...no luck....so I've just lived with it.   So, is these a way a GM can 'complete' this mission for me? I am thinking this would be a mod to the mission Log but I would not attempt this w/o support.   BTW; there are a number of  other players who have seen the 'BlackH ole' gateing issue on various client types...XP (SP3), Win 7 32/64 bit OS's. There must be a common thread here somewhere to resolve this?   Thanks...TBreez
  2. Thanks.....I've been doing L 75's but lack of same @ the time I was looking put me back to the 50's......I still would think you would be given the full award for the L50's Jobs.
  3. I recently hit L75 for my JD. My Combat level is 25. I am using class 5 beams and class 4 missles.I now see that I only get a total reward for a L50 job with a L17 0r 18 pest of 300- 400...I think this is normal but when I complete the mission the combat mission bonus is only 250 vs. 2500 I have been given in the past. This seems to have started after the last update......Might this be a bug or is the bonus reduced dure to my L25 Combat level?   Thanks, TBreez
  4. Maybe I missed somthing but I am unable to log out of E&B from within the game........I do not see a command or short cut to do so. I've been going to the task manager and forcing a 'shutdown'. I am running Win 7 w/no other issues....... Sugesstions or 'what I missed' appreciated TBreez
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