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  1. In this case though no one is creating content just restoring it. The game didn't need anything changed just areas added for more places to go. The game it's self was fine.
  2. Jyneway Firefop mega nvidian platinum
  3. I got a group together today to remake my guild I selected a name paid the fee everyone said ok. Nothing happened. Logged off and back on nothing tried again and got an error that a guild with that name was in the process of being created. Try again later. So I figured maybe it didn't like the Name? Then I got nvidian is already creating a guild or some crap like that. And its just stuck there. I in case it's needed the guild name is suppose to be First Strike.
  4. Also I would like to say a i hate auto correct on my phone lol.
  5. Well i did reinstall it about 10 times. And my account on my computer is the administration account and uac is off. The file should have been replaced on each install. In any case I fixes it. I had to rip enb and net7 from the registry before the two programs would install from scratch and it was up and running again. If i would have known the patcher doesn't actually check the files to make sure they are up to date I might not have wasted 3 hours on this. It wouldn't even update net 7 from 1.9.9 it kept saying it was p to fate but then would fail saying I was running the wrong version when I it play.
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