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  1. Thanks for confirming this is not just me. I have posted a bug report about this, guess I'll have to sneak in and kite a stray for now. :mellow:
  2. I seem to recall from Live and when I was playing before the reset, that when doing the TT level 30 bonus mission, you could fight one of Roland Holmes Henchmen in Slayton and the others would leave you alone (I did this solo before with no problem). Now, when doing this mission, I get 3-4 Henchmen group aggroing me and with a whole storm of inbound missiles you are calling for a tow before you know what hit you.   Is this something that was changed recently? Do I really need to get a big group with me (and try to avoid the missile storm) just to kill a CL15 Henchman to complete the mission, when before I could easily solo it? Or am I just doing something weird? :(
  3. Still getting the same problem as before the restart here, "Connection to the global server failed"...
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