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  1. I am experiencing teh same thing on Timmus I submitted a ticket as well. I read through old posts and it looks like we probably have to wait for the server to restart to get back in.
  2. My PW Timmus was gating from Xipe Totec to BBW and the game just stopped it wouldnt load BBW. I waited for a few minutes and then closed the game. I started it back up and was able to login choose character but it only goes to the load screen and dosent load me into the game. I closed the game down again and loged in with an alt character and i was able to get in and play no problem. It Seems that Timmus is stuck somewhere in the game while gatine to BBW from Xipe. This happened approximately 20 to 30 minutes ago. Tryed rebooting a few times too still nothing. Thanks
  3. [quote name='Zackman' timestamp='1327259461' post='51975'] Kabooom again. Is the server stability a problem lately? [/quote] I think it was Wildfireje and me tearing things up in Aragoth that did it.
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