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  1. I have seen many times that people ask in new player about the teran missile skill. 1. you are required to be combat level 5 to complete this mission 2. you learn to build a launcher by disassembling them, this usually takes two tries. 3. you will need one stack of ammo, once you have learned to make it you may also manufacture it. while the mission giver suggest you use two launchers, you only need 1 to complete the mission. this will help those of you that use the forums.
  2. [quote name='Fallhammer' timestamp='1314395383' post='45269'] Would it be possible to just have the trade window function between two people regardless of the distance between them. But maybe add a delay on the items transfered actually being delivered into each persons inventory based on the distance, to simulate the shipping time. [/quote] The news booths could be converted into the trade stations. Essentially for a Fee you pay each other a trade expense, depending on the amount and level of the great being sold or traded. But the addition of this function would change the game client, and the project cannot change the game its self, but can only Mimic live conditions. While this function would be great, Its addition would enable a change to the game that the Emu team is not allowed to do. Time will tell...
  3. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1313620215' post='44860'] Run it as admin, sounds like UAC is preventing your user account from accessing registry values. You also need to have ran EA's config utility first in the /enbconfig/ subfolder of the game client (also in admin mode so it can write to registry) [/quote] when i tried to run the config tool it says "this is not a valid win 32 application" i double checked everything. It should be working, but it is not. I ran the program in admin and it still does the same thing. Starship editor works however, lol
  4. I couldn't find the post that related to this. here is the issue. I have installed the client successfully and updated it to the most recent version, with the game install. no problem. When i try to play, it first says: "could not check registry settings." then the game agreement comes up, when i say yes, it logs into the game. The movie plays but then after its done, the game CTD's. if there is a post for this, please let me know, i could not find it in the search. (yes i broke something else)
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