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  1. On a related note, my gmail was hacked (which used the same username and pass as one of my game accounts... I made them both a decade ago when I was dumb) shortly after i began using the emulator. It seems there is a security breach somewhere.
  2. Thanks, i would love to if I could, however, i am playing from my mobile phone data, and it cannot seem to handle the latency of 2 clients. I'll do some more experimenting to see what i can do though.
  3. I did some snooping, and found a solution. This may help other remote gamers too. Phones default to broadcasting on 2.4gz, which doesn't work nearly as well as the 5gz. Androids can be changed in the settings. I tried today, and it worked perfectly. No latency issues. The setting is buried in the "tethering" or "hotspot" advanced options. Cheers!
  4. Alas, after a few tests, using cell data doesn't seem to be a viable option. For about 2 minutes it works okay, but then the delay starts to get longer and longer, with 5, 10, 20 seconds between my action and the games response. Was worth a try.
  5. This is perfect, thanks so much!
  6. After browsing around for a while, and remembering a few things from about 19 years ago (I can't believe it was that long since I stopped.. I had to stop pre-sunset), I have decided on a PW for a main toon. It fits my style the most. I have found a few posts here and there for some basic guides, which have been helpful. Now that it looks like I can play with mobile data, I hope to be able to get setup in the next couple weeks. Thanks Woodstock for your contribution. I am looking to mostly just play and enjoy the game, though I know there will be 'grinding' involved. That said, are there are handful of things that would make my life much easier / more enjoyable? Assume I know nothing.. it really has been that long.
  7. Thanks Kyp, that's awesome. The thought never occurred to me until a couple days ago, cause I assumed the req would be quite high, with the graphics. Is that daily play for an hour or two a day?
  8. I'm curious, does anyone know how much data the emulator uses per hour? We do not have internet, but if the usage is reasonable, I could perhaps use my phone data as a hotspot.
  9. Hey! I am considering starting up again. I loved the game pre sunset, but didn't get the opportunity to get far. I've dabbled in the emulator a few times, but not a ton. My time to play would be extraordinarily limited, and I know nothing of later game play. Chances are I'll be alone for most of my play time, though if there is ways to connect with others easily (via a guild or something) would love to possibly get plugged in. It may be some time before I can begin, we have no internet where I live right now. What's some people's favorite classes to roll with, and why? Pre sunset, I dabbled with JE, PW, and to a limited extent, TE. Never crested level 50 (if I recall correctly.) I enjoyed both combat and exploring. I'm not as interested in min/maxing, as I doubt I'll have time to even get one character to max level. Convince me!
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