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  1. Ok thx that helped, no idea how i did this but its works now at full screen. I'm getting lag problem is it normal problem in game or its because of im in Eu ?
  2. After installing game and net 7 client it wont instal net7 config to set up video and after log to game its only little game screen, i tried reinstating but wont help also im getting some issue info when installing net7. Any idea what to do ? i'm running windows 11 home.
  3. Sems you did not play EnB at that time , there was many paches with many new contests  , yes there are 2  guilds on server that camp all rare and epic  bosses in game leaving others ,  but at some point they will move futher (I hope ) so others can have chance to have funn . Anyway thx for playing have a nice live by by
  4. Im a Te and my hull mission sems bugged becouse im not 135 yeat and it say´s i can go and pay 1 mil for my last upgraide . I has spoken to Dev`a and it looks like i need adjust mission steps (reset my hull quests ) thx
  5. server run fine whole EU day til US log in he he  :ph34r: maybe someone is bugging it ?
  6. darn wrong start again :(  should rol miner  ...
  7. Seriusly second time in the last few hours  :( we need stabil server or we never gona get spawn rare mobs .
  8. God morning all its 7 am in Germany someone will be up soon :) we need some king of biper or smth else to ring them up ... any idea what to to do get server more stabil so it dosent go puf 10 times per day ?
  9. found solution in one of erly posts   `Try deleting the *.th6 files in C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\mixfiles. The client will recreate them the next time you start the game.`
  10.     Same for  me i crash after  type my password cant get to charakter selection .
  11. Same problem for me droping to windows after selecting a character to play . Never has that kind of problem befor. Kind this started yestoday have notice i was kicked one time yestoday evening and now today ... 170 online atm
  12. [quote name='Darkwolfe' timestamp='1309017408' post='42543'] What a crap way to start my morning! [/quote] hehe evening fo us ...
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