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  1. would like to start by stating i apologize if this is the wrong place to post this.. but i cannot log in, i received a notice upon logging into Net7 that my account was compromised, i've changed the forum password, which i understand is linked to net7.org as well as the game. when i try to log in it says i have the wrong account credentials. any help would be appreciated.
  2. [quote name='Delasoul' timestamp='1301954648' post='38222'] I am stuck on this also. I did the build skill part (it was the only option I was given,)and was told to come back with 2 ML in my hold and it wont trigger. They are both player made. I would really like to progress and get the missile tech skill. [/quote] sometimes it's a bit trickey. i had to take mine, put them in hold, warp back to luna station and dock then undock for the next step in the mission to catch.
  3. [quote name='Maniac' timestamp='1302643997' post='38918'] I believe that at L20 of one exp bar (Example CL20) gives 2 SP per lvl after, then at L40 of a exp bar you get 3. Correct me if im wrong but think those are the points given. [/quote] which if thats the case... then it should make a bit easier to implement something like this as we know there is a value to modify sp received per level... or at least it would lend itself to that thinking..
  4. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1302634901' post='38910'] Progen & Terrans could probably switch, since PLs mostly don't have explosive ammo, while MLs do. Progen are generally better off with the 3 damage types they have, impact, chem, and Plasma on their PLs. Grav-link has hidden debuffs, I think one of them is to impact, and they have an existing line of chemical debuffers, while only the PE has a good line of explosive debuffers, since the salamander line is explorer only. [/quote] didn't consider the equipment bonuses... primarily because the low level equip doesn't always have much in relation to that... i still think a race specific bonus would go more towards driving a focus towards a specific weapon type and damage type to help with min-maxing and getting the most out of our 150 levels... i also wonder, because this was mentioned by terrell, to offset the addition of new skills could we need slowly start to ramp up the amount of skill points gained from levels? like say once you hit trade/combat/explore level 20 you start to get 2 skill points per level instead of one? this will of course all require balancing and examination to make sure there is no fit of unexpended skill points... but i hope the gist of the example is apparent.
  5. SO! if any of you saw my post in the player advocate forums(which i doubt cause i only posted 30 or so minutes ago) then you are away of the insanity with which i am attempting to suggest. i recently read a thread in this very section that suggest having more landable content. while that was nice in and of itself i thought to myself when i noticed this one comment(that comment being that something 25 CL's higher would be practically untouchable. ) which made me think... My idea will seem like to some as further granulation, and not very helpful but i think it has some merit... in that it will allow us to tackle higher level combat content... without having to do much more than adding a skill and possibly new items to match in effectiveness... i was thinking that all races have there specials, Lasers for the Jennies, Projies for the Progies, and Missles for the terrans, what if we made this more niche... like say damage type specialization skill added... so say for instance. Progen = Explosive Terran = Chemical Jenquai = Plasma we not only add racial bonuses(if thats possible) to the various races for the damage type. we add a skill to enhance that either by increasing damage by a certain percentage or offering other effects to damage over time, this would allow us to tackle other content well beyond out current CL limits. the only downside i could see here is balancing PVE vs PVP, obviously these increases would unbalance PVP. which would have to be remedied. but either introducing stronger equipment modules or re-scaling sheilds/health so as to give a further gradual increase over time to match the improvement to the damage types. again though. this is just a rough... very rough idea i wanted to throw out here for discussion
  6. dude. wheres the server? like srsly, tried a restart, repair of network connect and yea.. no cigar
  7. try repairing your network connection or restarting your modem/router and or comp.
  8. [quote name='cpwings' timestamp='1301580522' post='37944'] My TE did these missions when ST4 began and they were quirky back then also. She gives both the "Missile Weapons" skill and the "Build Weapons Skill" IIRC. It seems the order in which they need to be done is confusing at best. From some of the posts here, some players had the Missile weapons skill 1st and were trying to get the build weapons skill which asks for the aforementioned ML to be anny'd. I would think the ability to use a weapon type shouldn't require being able to build it. It almost seems like the two talk trees get intertwined. I have seen players trying various things like moving the launchers around (moving to vault and back or different spots in hold) or back to station and back. [/quote] my issue was that i didn't have the item in my hold. and after the "Missile Weapons" mission, your tasked to go kill 5 sculpon drones. i got stuck there cause i killed 5 but the mission still didn't not trigger for the next step. so i just kept on killing sculpon drones until it did.
  9. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1301531879' post='37899'] Take 3 of them if you've got room, then it should be on his list and you can take it. The upgrade for the TE is called EarthCorps Promotion Ceremony I believe for a title, if my memory serves offhand. Once you've got it you can abandon the others. [/quote] when i relogged that night, the mission was at the very top of that list so i figure it simply resolved itself....
  10. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1301525531' post='37887'] Take them all, then the hull upgrade should be offered then you can drop the repeatables. I have these on my list to move to another NPC to stop the interference. He should be giving you a list of missions when you talk to him to choose from, is he not? [/quote] he is, it's just that the hull upgrade mission is not one of them, which is why i was thinking that i had not completed a necessary step. he offers a total of 6 though.
  11. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1301521897' post='37874'] If this is the mission, she wants you to obtain the blueprint for the Good ML type x1. "*kzzz* No, you'll try it NOW soldier. *kzz* You should go learn to build the Good ML Type X1. You may not be able to use it yet, but you'll need it later." Once you learn to build it, you should return to her with them and she should check to make sure its analyzed. That's the Build Missile Weapons quest. If its instead the Missile Weapon Techniques you must possess at least one Good ML Type X1 in your hold when you speak to her and she should then tell you to go to another location to fight. [/quote] ah ok. i'll be sure to consider this then, the items were equipped instead of in my hold which is probably why it didn't trigger. i'll keep this in mind for future missions thanks again.
  12. didn't know if i certain level either cumulative or specific to move beyond the training area... i thought when i hit level 10 Lt Raine would offer the first hull upgrade. however i am there and he is only offering the 6 repeatable missions and anothing else... i was posting here to ask if there were any changings to the initial leveling process like missions i may have missed.
  13. [quote name='Klyde' timestamp='1301517171' post='37865'] IIRC, isn't this the mission that tends to confuse everyone? (No it's not a Byakhee mission ) I think you have to bring back a store bought ML and a PM ML for it to advance. It's been a while since my TW did this one, but I do remember getting hung up on one part of it. Seems like something is out of sync in the progression sequence. [/quote] see i could've sworn there was an "or" there... cause doing the first time of my trying to do this i came back with 2 PM goods annd if proceeded to the next step just fine, i think i may know what it was though, the second time i had them equipped where as the first time they were in my cargo hold. i'm going to try that again tonight and see how it goes.
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