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  1. terastarship2

    Want to delete Net-7 Account

    So still how to delete in game accounts under my master account such as unwanted terastarhip2 terastarshiprecovery? still can't figure out the delete in game accounts. any helps are greatly thank you.
  2. terastarship2

    game crash,.loss of lvls and skill points

    Same here. 7 toons deleted so far and left 2 toons are able to play with.
  3. terastarship2

    Gating/Docking Hanging

    5 toons hanged 7 times. 7 onwards, 5 toons gate in, gate out @gates and star bases started to hang or crash to desktop. so what's the problem anyways? wanna to play asap. somebody calls 911 to fix the dam problem, please. New toon hangs and crashes after 2nd times of gating. thanks.
  4. terastarship2

    Crashing to Desktop when going through a gate

    I am reporting that I am facing the same problem as we have been talking about. Gate in, Gate out @star bases and system gates resulted in hang or crash to desktop.