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  1. and we wonder why it's hard to find drivers for groups.....see attached for example of the very, very annoying graphic bugs of which I speak. The entire screen is just a big white mess for nearly any skill that buffs the group.
  2. Panda it has no relevance to my suggestion as my suggestion was directed at the dev team of which you yourself have already noted (about 8 or 9 times), do not manage or control the rotation agreement. Furthermore, I'm totally confused why you bother to argue and troll threads about the rotation topic. If you are against the raid rotation, form a group and go do the raid. Again, since you have noted that the GM/ Dev team has 0 to do with the raid rotation schedule, anyone can conclude that your entire purpose here is to troll other people's threads. So as I requested before, take your childish antics and go back to the threads which are relevant to the topic. This one is not.
  3. Panda there are enough threads on the raid rotations and I'd rather not bring any of that non-sense into this one. I was very clear that my suggestion had nothing to do with the rotations.
  4. Regardless, my suggestion has little or nothing to do with the non-sense currently going on with the raid rotations and the related silliness but instead, everything to do with adding re-play value to the game by removing the end game group content walls / blocks. If you are suggesting the development / emulator team does not bother reading this board then my advice for when you do become forum advocate would be to get them more active on this suggestion board...... I don't personally think that is the case at all though.
  5. I made some recommendations in the train-wreck of the "Raid Rotation" post but thought it might be better to post here for clarity. 99 percent of the game is solo-play right now and the 1 percent that is targeted at groups, is unavailable 99 percent of the time. It's just completely opposite of what a multi-player game should be at it's foundation. The biggest reason for this recommendation is an expansion of end-game content availability and activities that groups / the community can do together. Outside of the raids, it's very rare that I see groups of unique players together doing anything. Suggestion: 1. Reduce the raid trigger spawn times. (stop the petty non-sense caused by lack of content availability and time-zone differences) 2. Increase the difficulty of the raids by increasing mob hit points and special ability use (help promote unique players and increase the difficulty which would require more focus on a single toon's role in any given raid, as well as provide longer periods of group play) 3. Reduce the drop rate of the items. (simple law of supply and demand. I can completely understand the counter argument on how unfair this would be to those that have yet to obtain the rarer items such as the Skull shields / casters / spitters etc but this is not uncommon at all for MMO's and EnB should not be discarded as anything other.) I understand that a huge amount of effort has went into re-creating the "Live" experience. I think a fantastic job has been done in that regard however; The Live servers were shut down though and unless the intention is to make this EMU a museum rather than an extension and improvement, then I sincerely hope you guys consider focusing more on fixing key issues that were present in Live, and are very much present in the emulator as well. The content restrictions on a content starved game are completely backwards. The idea of a Massive MULTI-PLAYER online game is for it to be just that - multi-player. Raids were a big problem in live and IMO were a big reason for the failure of the game.
  6. This post is not going in the right direction at all. We have yet to hear from the guild(s) that are 1 and 2 manning the raids, or not doing them at all. Is this because there just isn't anyone left and we are talking to an empty room so to say? The bottleneck here is NOT the raid triggers like it was in live or like it was in the EMU early on (as I've been told). The 48 hours + random time on the trigger spawns is a big problem from what I see. People, like we are now, sit around and wait. Why was the drop rates for items not reduced but instead the content / activity was reduced in a content starved game....totally backwards! I rarely do raids for the loot. I think my toons need a couple more items out of all the raids combined. It's content. It's something that the community can do together and it's put on a long, almost random timer? C'mon. I think this agreement simply needs to go, and all triggers should be 24 hours (with a smaller variance). Drop rates for all items should be reduced sightly, for the sole purpose of adding that "excitement" level back. The raid mobs should get a buff to hitpoints and special abilities, as well as damage dealt. This will make them more challenging, and people will be less inclined to multi-box. I can play 2 toons good. I can play either of my toons exceptionally. (IMO, shut up Really! lol) Making the above changes would force at least 12 unique players to be available for a raid, and with the variance and time zone differences, I don't think triggers will be fought over unless the player count takes a big, big jump. Also, the likelihood that another raid trigger will be up and require ANOTHER unique group of 12 players is very high, as there are no 48 wait timers. So there will be some options. I'm not sure how hard it would be for the Dev team to change any of the above, but I can't imagine it's anywhere near as challenging as trying to form a trigger mission for each of them. On another note, this is a PVE game. I don't like the idea of everyone competing for triggers and fighting over them one bit. Out of mutual respect for the people that have 5+ years of effort and time in it, I've chosen not to go against the agreement when it would have been easy to get groups together who feel the same way I do, and would have no issues ignoring it. There is a limit to the above though, only because if no response is given, I'm going to assume the veterans simply arent there, and I'm speaking to an empty audience. I've no intentions of causing drama or disrespecting anyone.
  7. Speaking from a new player perspective..... This entire discussion is ridiculous at best. There are at most 20, maybe 30 unique people playing at once. For all I know, the Big 3 consists of alts and the same 4 or 5 people are getting every raid every week. One thing for sure, this game is just packed with hoarders. Hoarders of content and hoarders of so many alts filled with so much stuff that'll never be used and they know it. And they all cling on to it as if this emulator will one day explode and hundreds of new players will flood in and all that junk will actually be worth anything. News flash, that's not going to happen, and never will. The biggest commodity in this game is content and new players. Not loot, or feathers or skull shields. When you restrict 75 percent of the events that new players still have interest in doing, well, you can't really expect many new players to hang around long. This game is just too old for that and gets too boring far to quickly. Participating in groups is the only real dynamic content left and unfortunately, is all there ever will be. Since, and i feel some need a reminder on this, this is just an emulator and 99 percent of it will never change. That leaves everything in the players hands, with regards to content delivery and activities. It's pretty obvious that even the 4 or 5 are getting bored playing with themselves, and at some point, raid triggers like the controller this weekend which sat untouched all weekend, or Gobb last weekend which did the same, will always be up. All of this is further emphasized by how upset and immature people get when you try to discuss it rationally. That is ironic at best, since from what I've seen, most players are in their 40's and 50's and take this game, far, far to seriously for what little of it is left.
  8. Rally. What bonus in critical targeting does it give for example? What are the maximum amounts for +bonus damage, critical targeting etc. The tool-tips are missing information enough so hopefully the Dev's have access to actual numbers and can post them. If there is already a post with the info I can't find it.
  9. 1. Increase buff length. This is must imo. I think items 6-9 should have 1 buff length. (the length of the L9 200 percent items is a fair amount. They should last through nearly an entire raid. (45 minutes maybe?) Also consider that a gate crash/client crash requires you to rebuff. Items level1-5 should be shorter obviously, Maybe half the length of the l200 9's. 2. Get rid of (completely) or fix a few of the animations that are just absolutely broken. Rally and Shield / Hull patch are a few good examples. They rarely work and the sound from the hull patch / shield patch runs the entire time that it is bugged. (aka, all the time, every time it's used in a group)
  10. It doesnt make any sense that the devs are working on things like mob damage, mob special abilities, etc, when the very basic things of the game are still broken. Why not move onto fixing the very core components of the game, them move on to adjusting / tweaking things that we know are easy to fix/adjust.
  11. Oh wah. XXX got a HB and XXX didnt. Time to go jump off a bridge because life just isnt fair. Get over it. It's a stress test. It's all going to be wiped anyways. And the GM's take time outta their gametime to do events, and the thanks they get is people whining because they werent personally invited or notified in advance? C'mon people, boohoo you missed an event. What, are you gonna take off work or cancel other appointments just to partake in a small gm event? If so, then I suggest you get out a bit more. Get over the little crap already.
  12. I work for a medical device company. My specialties are hardware diagnostics and network security, but right now I'm studying for my certs in MS SQL Server 2005/2008 administration.
  13. Sorry, guess I am still confused. So I guess this means the server will remain down until the start of ST4 next week then, right?
  14. And he said he would give us a headsup about it, which is not the case here. Hopefully it is just something silly with the server. The server is alive, it just isnt accepting login requests ;o( Maybe it has something to do with the L66 mob glitch.
  15. Any updates on the status of the server available by chance?
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