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  1. The Nathan Zhao event at the end of Beta was similar, except I don't think anyone killed him and he just trashed everybody :)

    If the server can handle a few hundred people in one spot, go nuts! With the item creation tool, you could make a new item for these things instead of re-packaging the old. Having something truly unique (but not OP) would make these a huge success.

  2. Do you not read what is written or do you just ignore what the Progen Content developer says? We are, by god, in a test! not alpha not even beta but a test. There is no "end game" here!

    As more and more itmes become available from mob drops, the rewards will be adjusted and changed to reflect other updates. The length and complexity of the current lvl100 BONUS mission is much more challenging than it was previously. The items that are required atually take some effort and some work to obtain. Also, the reward is for those that choose to build. Why shouldn't there be exotic or unique items available through a long, challenging mission line specifically desgned to reward those that have chosed to be active builders for their race? If you are not a buiilder, then you don't get the print. Consequently, you don't have any reaon to be doing the mission. You are, at this point, a consumer and relying on others anyways for your items and thus need no unique or rare print when you can just purchase the item from a qualified builder.

    Nothing in that mission resembles the difficulty that warrants that sort of drop. Period. I did the whole mission start to finish, and the only thing that makes it harder now is the questionable mob AI. Why put in goofy stuff now just to have to back it out later? That's like writing code just for the sake of deleting it later on when you write the "correct" code.

    Reading does not = agreeing, and I'm not sure why you are jumping on my nuts for having an opinion.

    As I said, put good items on these quests to warrant the time. The HU30 quest reward is a fantastic example of a great item that warrants the time. Put some great lvl 7 non manu non trade Pl at 100, maybe a lvl 8 reactor at 135.

    If you implement a better PW shield, then fine, put the CFB on here, but no way in hell should the game be that easy that you get it from the HU100 quest or HU135 quest when it goes in, which isn't hard if you aren't lazy.

    My comment wasn't just about the progen quest, but all level up bonus quests in general.

    Why does everyone want this game to be so damn easy? The next person who uses "it's just a test" as rationale for questionable decision making is getting airlocked. :)

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  3. Well, as a Progen doing the updated missions, you would have only gotten the CFB schematic after completing an optional, fairly complex, story-based mission line culminating in the destruction of a level 66 Manes -- which doesn't break the end-game any more than just looting something from another level 66 mob and mapping it does. It's not a "hit-level-100-take-item-X-to-person-Y-then-talk-to-person-Z-to-get-your-über-shield" sort of situation.

    I would welcome more high-end gear being solely obtainable through missions like this rather than just putting a raid party together and shooting. It keeps things interesting.

    The best of the best gear should not be soloable. This is an MMO.

    Put in some lvl 9 stuff sure, maybe Archos, Type A ML, etc, but raid caliber loot (CFB) should be on raid caliber mobs.

    The economy is diluted enough with everyone and their mother being able to build everything. Having 1-3 people on a server with a print actually makes the marketplace interesting. Right now supply is inifinite, so money is worthless.

    If it was on a raid level rare boss in Live, it probably shouldn't be on a solo/group mob in this version of the game.

    Without challenge, the game is boring. If these items are non-manu, non-trade, and almost as good as say RD Base loot, that's fine. Putting absolute end-game level gear in these quests is just catering to people that want everything easy and handed out on silver platters. Even if that manes takes 18 people to kill, it's up 24/7, guaranteed drop, etc, and is common loot.

    The end-game stuff should be rare, hard as hell to get, and give people something to work for. Everyone running around with maxed gear is just dumb. Stuff like Archos, model Z, type A, etc should be considered "good" gear and used by the majority of players. Right now a 195% Bile ML is considered "junk", and anyone using Type A's is terrible, which says something about the loot system. It used to take weeks or months even to get that one item you needed, making it much more fulfilling to get it than just getting hand outs.

  4. Unique, non-tradeable items similar to the progen HU30 reward makes more sense than a print. For lvl 100, give a good item for lvl 100, but definitely not an end-game item/recipe.

    I don't believe levelling should be rewarded with end-game loot. Useful stuff to get to 150 would be great though. Making the game trivial by putting ubers in progression quests seems silly.

    I can make the CFB on my TT, and the idea that I can manu the best PW shield in the game because I did some fetch quests breaks the end-game.

  5. I read a lot more concern than I do complaining here. Info passed down from Tech support. Excitement when it looks like its going back up, and the little false alarms of sadness when its not, but again, not much complaining.

    Maybe this thread just needed drama and he was stirring the pot B)

    Addressed server downtime message with explanation = epic win, thanks!

  6. But it is a strictly looted one....I can show you in trade anytime it was NOT created by a staff member.

    That is completely irrelevant. The item should not exist in the player population. Whether a GM loots it or creates it, the item was not obtained through intended mechanics (players aren't intended to start at OL150 with pimp gear).

    12. A GM will not use the GM account/character to aid fellow players to gain credits, levels, experience, or any items.

    That seem pretty clear to me.

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  7. First off to the player who commented about "how the GM's are able to loot Hellbores". At the start of ST4 the kuei Station WAS in game. All GM's create a level 150 avatar with good equip to enable them to travel anywhere in the game and assist a player if needed...and with the strength to clear any mobs in the area. So, you figure the station was in game for about 3 weeks, it spawns every 2 hours or so, from my experience drops a HB "approx" 25% of the time.

    Soo... artifically levelled to 150 and geared accounts go out and get loot to throw off game balance. If you don't see why this is a terrible idea from a game balance and game integrity standpoint, I'm at a loss for words.

    GM's should not interact with the player population. GM's should not create OR give players items outside of bugs deleting them or quests not working.

    If you want to kill stuff and interact with players, do it on a personal account, not a GM account. When the refs are affecting the outcome of a game, it's crap.

    I appreciate the volunteer time, but GMs are GMs, not Santa Claus. If you want people getting random epic items for doing trivial tasks, put Santa Claus back in as a mechanic.

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  8. It is not a closed project and, by it's very core nature, will never be. I am only temporarily ceasing to actively provide support for private server installation. This is due to a very specific reason, that someone is attempting to start another high-capacity public server, something which I strongly believe would be harmful to the community. Really, Net7's stance on private servers remains the same that it always has been: private servers are explicitly unsupported and discouraged except for those who intend on using a private installation to benefit the project in some way or for strictly personal or very small-group use. I have personally provided such support in the past, but I consider it to be own my own behalf and not as part of my work for the emulator.

    Whether you support it or not, it's still going to happen, they already have a test server running.

    Working with those guys instead of against them would get the "community" to a working game more quickly. The more teams working on this together, the better. If someone is looking to own it for glory, then they are missing the idea behind emulation.

    I don't care, nor does the community care, who writes the code, the goal is just to reproduce enb and have it work. Hoarding it doesn't help and just creates redundancy if people are all working on the same problems?

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  9. Indeed...only one problem with this theory Floss, the person in question was wittnessed by several people after, this incedent, killing BBG solo, everyone that saw this said he killed him in 15 seconds or less,they watched him kill muntiple mobs the same way... the people that saw this all agreed that the player killed him much faster than a full group could. And I want to add, since this seems to be an issue with everyone, the group that saw him were from several different guilds.

    So no KS involved, no group involved, just single player killing single mob..and TANKING BBG...not moving killing him faster than a full group...theories?

    Not going to speculate, Kyp is seeing what's up, so we should let him adress it. I have no idea what happened, wasn't online, wasn't there (bioshock 2 methinks) ;) People bugging Whitelighter should just chill out and let the people with the powers sort it out. Anyone asking him how to exploit stuff or cheat should be p-banned.


  10. I may be a bit off on my assumptions since I know nothing of how this game is coded, but I don't think that 51% is some magic number unless there are only 2 people damaging a mob. Let's assume, as in this circumstance, there are 7 people firing on the same mob. Let's also assume that the game credits damage to the players independent of any group that the player is in. I think this is the case, since if you are killing a mob for a mission in a group, only the person who does the most damage gets credit and the mission update.

    Now if we have 7 toons all firing at once lets break down some hypothetical damage numbers.

    PW1 does 20% of the damage.

    PW2 does 22%

    PW3 does 19%

    TE1 does 15%

    TE2 does 17%

    TT1 does 4%

    JE1 does 3%

    In this case, PW2 gets credit for the kill even though he didn't really substantially outdamage the other toons, and he is still far from 51% damage. Plus, like it has been said before 7 level 150 toons all firing on one mob makes for a quick death.

    Now if my assumptions about the game mechanics are wrong, please tell me. This is just the way that makes sense in my head.

    That's correct, assuming none of the players are grouped. If PW3 and TT1 are grouped, they should get credit for the kill. If that doesn't happen and PW2 gets credit, it's a coding issue with kill credit, not PW2's fault ;)

    51% rule is just used as general term to describe kill credit.

    Bugged kill credit could also explain why, if grouped, a player has to do the most damage to get quest credit, where it should be credited to everyone in the group on that quest. Where this gets messy is that loot rights work fine in a group as does the XP sharing, so something is pulling the kill credit correctly in some cases.

    Just important to distinguish between coding issue and exploit, as those are two totally different scenarios, which is why some dev communication on the cause would be great please.

    Also good for people to understand that there are bugs, it's pre-pre-pre(pre?) alpha and that if something doesn't seem right, submitting a ticket rather than jumping to conclusions or going after someone in game is probably a more productive approach. Presented with just "impossible" or "exploit" neglects other options such as "coding problem", "lag", etc.

  11. Floss, you cherry picked my post quite well, but you didnt answer my last question, I'll reitorate it..

    "How does a single player, (without a spitter)even; solo Blackbeard and kill him in 15 seconds or less"?

    My edit was after the fact, but I added that in above. Sorry not trying to cherry pick, and I agree 15 seconds is fishy just based on the numbers.

    Easy way to check rather speculate, like Fuulish suggested, have that 15-second person go out with a GM and shoot something to see what causes that kind of damage. I'd guess a large portion would be ammo stacking (multiple volleys strikng at once while moving into range) combined with shield sapping but who knows.

  12. I am shocked at how a simple thread, asking for input from the community concerning an issue of simple "game mechanics" can be met with such hostility. The OP didnt mention any names, it didnt mention any spicific encounter..it simply asked how one single player competing with a group of 6 other players for the same mob..can out gun that group with impunity.

    It's a blatant back-door KS whine thread. Bugs or potential exploits go in the bug report section, or submit a ticket. Attention-seeking KS threads end up in general. The flames were in the game, calling Whitelighter a cheater/exploiter, etc, and then putting on the BS Mr. Nice Guy facade again.

    If someone is killing it in 15 seconds, that's probably something that should be looked into, as that's like 66,000 dps. A screenshot or fraps to show what is happening would be useful for figuring that out, or maybe asking the player about their setup. Heavy ammo volley stacking could be part of that, but speculating = pointless without something to go on.

  13. blah blah blah


    This is a mirror image. You get KS'ed, go on a rant, and then say "lulz it's all good broskis!" to cover your backside and try to be all buddy buddy and friendly. If you are going to nerd-rage, that's cool man, just don't piss in everyone's ear and tell them it's raining.


    If you think this is a group of people ganging up on you to be malicious, you need to revisit the fact that YOU started this by calling someone else an exploiter.

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  14. https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/1096-kill-stealing-poll/page__view__findpost__p__9033

    Dude, stop saying it's all jokes and putting stupid smiley faces when clearly you go off on people and then try to BS about it after the fact. It's old, tired, and a waste of people's time.

    I can understand it's rough going from /createitem to having to understand game mechanics.

    I also know why you no longer needed that CFB from me that we had agreed to trade for, I was wondering where you went:

    "GMs can still make items for GMing reasons. the incident with a staff member giving vonbon an item was not due to corruption. vonbon had the components and said staff member helped build the item for him. It was not freely given. The staff member has since been told not to do so with such a high value item (Crimson Force Barrier)."

    Class act man. Good to know we all play by the same rules.

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  15. Do all the math you want, Ive had both 150PW and 150TE. The way the game is now, with a HB debuff for the TE, they are more than a match for a PW.

    You weren't factoring in shield sap if you did the math and came out even. HB isn't in the game anyways with the base pulled (some exist from ... yeah), so you have to pull out a Titan's heart to compensate and then switch to explosive in the absence of the plasma debuff. Even then you aren't even in the DPS ballpark of a PW.

  16. 1 player should never out gun 6 150s but i have seen somthing close to this happen in ST3 on blackbeard.

    A PW using impact debuffing and used shield leech (note Shield leech does a tone of damage) to out kill the lvl 135 PW PP and TT my lvl 150 TE was with. There was also a JD hitting the mob too but he wa not in any groups.

    Exploit maybe or just plain luck i don't know. mob seemed to die as it should and you could see the hits it took from leach pop off.

    Now that I know who this is (no, I'm not opening that up here and starting a KS thread), I can see this being 100% possible based on the DPS calculations that I've done.

    This post should be re-titled "please check into shield sap". I have a PW, and the skill is broken from a DPS standpoint. Nerfing the damage makes sense if you keep the amount healed up (1:10 ratio maybe), or else the skill will be a waste of points. Have it turn 5000 damage into 50000 healed or something.

    Currently it's a 10 second timer, and does about 4500dps. Blackbeard is pure shield. You can see where this is going. It does roughly 45,000 damage to a mob, pure damage, not resisted, every 10 seconds. Shield sap alone does more damage than a TW loaded with uber gear, and then add on 6 guns on top of that, and you have an epic balance problem.

    /waits for all of the PW's to go out and spam shield sap to kill everything

    Fishbowl, all shields, BB pure shields. All mech mobs, 66% shields.

    There is no exploit here, it's just a balance issue. I'm guessing the 6 people were out of sap range or just not spamming sap.

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  17. he wasnt by any chance a terran enforcer? :)

    I could see that if the TW had multiple waves of missiles stacked on top of each other. With the turbo setup, you could probably get 6-7 waves of missiles landing at the same time initially.

    In Live, a TW could practically one-shot the Warder pre-turbo nerf by stacking a crapload of bullets on top of each other and swooping in with a hellbore debuff right before they landed.

  18. I’m confused; the one player beat a whole group of players? (PvP ish) The one player beat a whole group of lvl 66 mobs? The one player beat the whole group TO the mob? The one player outgunned the whole group? Sounds confusing.

    I think he means 1 player outgunned 6. Possible depending on:

    1) Ammo type/debuffs

    2) Streams of bullets coming in before someone else fired

    3) Crit/damage bonuses

    4) Range from mob (bullet travel lag)

    I could see it if it was a PW due to the DPS imbalance in relation to the other jobs. If you do the math a pw has roughly double the DPS potential of a TW given the current in game items and skills.

    Maybe he has items he shouldn't have for whatever reason, but really pointless to speculate without knowing the facts and seeing a video replay of who shot first, with what, from what range, what skills were used, etc.

  19. A board does not get involved at all in day to day decisions. It's used for major items, such as removing a team member, p-banning a player, or offering input on strategic direction. Biggest purpose is just oversight. The project managers still make the calls, but they report to the board ultimately who can chose new managers if so inclined based on concensus.

    Stuff like loot tables, xp rates, quest rewards, etc, that's not board territory at all.

    It's not added red tape for the sake of red tape and would have minimal impact on the project.

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