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  1. Is the server down for maintenance this morning? tried to login and it shows as "Offline"
  2. I load the game this morning and it says there was a small update, I hit the okay button and then run the game and now I can not log into any of my accounts. 2 hours later and I still can not log into the game, and the server shows only 17 people able to be on or was left logged in from last night before this update that killed the game.
  3. okay ill just use a different email to make an account, what a bummer I had a lv 50 TE with a Master, Hellbore, and BBwake missle drops lol
  4. Hi I started a Net-7 account years ago, and I even played, got some maxed out characters, but I cannot seem to log into my account. it shows the Characters on all 3 accounts I had on here but it wont let me play the game. what an I doing wrong?
  5. Hey tienbau any chance you guys are working on turning Mechwarrior 4 into a EnB style of game?
  6. uhm CptGemini you tag line says you are sending messages from a computer at Monex.com? If you are a broker you should be selling man!!!
  7. (EA CEO) "Muahahahahaha i killed your game, and here i am again to kill your game from within muahahahahahaha,"
  8. wow i didnt know i was a crackhead for this game until i missed playing it on a sunday morning pretty please with sugar on top bring the server back up???
  9. just wish there was a way to see if anyone was even working on the proplem i dont see a dev on and all three servers are down
  10. is there an ETA when server will be back up?
  11. is there anyword from a Dev or GM? there an eta on when the servers will be back up? or is this a hardcore "Find the Bug Issue?"
  12. no the login server seems to be on the fritz
  13. Well isnt this great, there was nothing wrong with the game no lag or anything, was working fine, and then a restart? why?? now cant log in cant do anything, why a restart because some people cant live with a make believe lag? or is it just a way for them to get the stupid mining fields and named spawns to get reset? the make believe there is lag and complain??
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