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  1. "Give it a rest"? Woah hey I'm not demanding anything here, was just a suggestion. I wasn't expecting anything to happen "right away" or even at all. I'm just happy to be able to play this again, and if I came off as demeaning or demanding that wasn't my intention.
  2. Dont forget to set the EnB client executable to run in administrator mode, and also for the Net7 client, the character and starship creator, and the enbconfig file else nothing you change will save. //Win7 user and lovin it
  3. Yea I know you guys are busy with stuff, I just thought that this would be some things to put on the radar later on down the line when the major things had been taken care of. Just suggestions, not demands
  4. Founders Logo: I had a neat silver "FF" logo from being in the beta on my TT when I played live...any way to get that back? Additional gate from Inverness to Freya: This one take a little more explaining. I was looking at the updated map for EnB and noticed something interesting. All Races/Class except the TT (I know sounds self-serving but hear me out) have a "meetup" sector on the backside of their "home" systems within one or two jumps. Example, for Jenquai that sector is Yokan, within a jump from all 3 Jenquai class home sectors, Io, Europa, and Ganymede. For Progen, its Endrago...2 jumps from the Warrior home sector and one jump for the other 2. On the Terran side this is also in play....as Freya is one jump away from the home systems of the Scout and Enforcer, and 5(!) jumps away from the backside of the TT home sector High Earth, being New Eidenburgh. To keep the same idea going...a gate from Inverness to Freya sounds like it fits, as it would be one jump from Freya and NE, like how Witberg is for TE, and Adriel Prime is for TS. I also picked Inverness as it is in Tau Ceti. I never noticed it before without the updated map for all the classes. I know it may change some trade goods routes, but am I seeming logical here or not?? *edit* It also occurs to me that all the hexagon gates shut/collapse WAAAAAAY too fast. They finally unwind all the way open for like a sec then *splat* back down again no matter how many people using it. Didnt they wait for a bit on live and also stay open if people kept using them in succession?
  5. Looking for one...do we have one? I have a couple of ideas
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