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  1. I agree with Spacegrrrl.I have also a feeling that this is more a closed source project even you say it is open source. I can understand that you want people to play on the Net7 server because that way you can test everything. And the more respond you get with bugs the better the game is. But in the end I have more a feeling that people are forced to play on 1 server and that is easy to do. A lot of old Eab players want to play eab again. I loved this game and spend almost 2 year`s playing this game. The moment I came home I play it...till late in the evening. Since that time I really hate EA for what they did to this game because I spended a lot of time in to this game and in 1 day everything was gone. Most emulators I know provide you with a full tutorial how to setup a game server with a seperated database. I know emulators where people create a complete package all you have to do is start the server and login. So in the end I am curious which way this project is going.
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