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Forum hack?


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One of the topics i have been following has had a spam posting and at the same time - i have started to receive spam on the e-mail account i use on the forum. Spam that's getting through the "normal" Gmail filters that is - i've very rarely had that before.


At the same time, another E&B'er has mentioned spam in other topics.


Do we have a problem? Or maybe it's just coincidence?

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Nearly every forum system I've ever used gets hit by this kind of thing from time to time.  There are spider bots that search out forums and use various exploits to post spam to them... Often turning off guest access to posting and requiring logging in by users helps but if the exploits used get around that somehow there will be a rash of spam posts.  Once the software for the forums is patched to clear up the exploit the posts will stop. 

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