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Wetpolecat Tour's

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I would like to pass along a BIG THANK YOU to all the Players  who has done tours with me.


As in "live" we have a bunch of great Players here , 99.9% of the players was very patient and respectful when folk CTD or did not know how to form up  ( there first group )  or left form ie bumping the mouse while we was not in warp . or did not know where Joves was.


They never got mad when I had to pause the tour to clear a nav so a player can get a JS.  They waited for me to type in chat to help players out .


Some had a lot of questions and I Pointed to the EMU fourms game resources / new player area ,  Some even telled me back and told me that  90% of the info they needed was there .


Some New Player's was in " LIVE " and found the emu and was amazed at what we had here . There was a lot of  " OMG I remember this "  .


Some asked about Quest's and I told them we do not have Quest's we have mission's and Job's . GGGrrrrrrr :D :D .


Most of all I would like to shout out to all of the GM's , DEVS  and to all of the Toons who hanged in there in all of the " Stress Test's "  ya they tested my stress lvl's and wipes .



Also I like to thank all the "old timer's " for taking time to help new player's .




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grrr posted in wrong area can a dev please move this to general discussions  area pls


thank you

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