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Firefly Game MMO back on Fox says yes.....

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Well this is the track the EA should take IMHO.....I mean FOX is not exactly less of a "dark empire" itself ...for simple PR reasons FOX is getting good play in the news media for giving permission for this kickstarter campaign to get this defunct Firefly MMO back on track ...quote below:





Is the dream of a Firefly MMO still flying? The folks at DarkCryo Entertainment think so. The unlikely project seemed doomed due to an unauthorized use of the IP, but that may have changed.

DarkCryo posted a notice on the project's Facebook page indicating that Fox has given something of a go-ahead: "With the well wishes of Fox Entertainment Group, we have reactivated the FUO MMORPG Facebook page in preparation for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. A popular alpha launch may re-awaken licensing consideration, in which case we may then include an expansion pack containing derivative content."

According to the counter on the front page, the crowdsourcing attempt to fund further development will begin in 16 days. Firefly Universe Online was officially (or unofficially, as the case may be) announced back in June of 2011.




here is the link:





here is the link to the bring back firefly page






Well...nice to see someone pulled it off






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er on the other hand ...here is a link to what may  be the flip side of the above post...so take your pick...flip a coin






yeah...well.....so it goes



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