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Crawling Archive.org For Enb Content


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Has anyone on the team had the time to find the plethora of data points on Archive.org regarding EnB? There is a lot of info on the missions, database items, missions, etc that can be found to incorporate into the game. Is there anything on there that could benefit the developers that I could help find? Is there a 'missing' list that needs more data to complete or make the game more complete to original?

I went out there and if you have the right searching skills there could be a gold mine of info...



Let me know if I can help.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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That was posted a couple of weeks ago. There has been good information found. However I had not yet seen this page. That is kinda cool.
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Well I think that there is MUCH more than just that out there, some people used to have their own information. Is there a way to catalogue or otherwise record what has been found so that people can point out the things that have not been found? That way when someone finds something they can let the devs know and not go over ground that has already been trodden?

Maybe a database or something to collect the archive sites already mined by you folks?

I think it could provide a wealth of original material.


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Many of the sites that contained EnB related material (guild sites, personal webpages, fanpages, some of the portals) no longer exist because their domains expired ages ago. 8-10 years, someone didnt pay their hosting or name registration bill and thats that, all gone.

So whats left out there is whats already been found or whatever you can dig up on obscure google searches. Even those wayback searches are limited to what was actually archived. Many pages on the old portal forums redirect nowhere, because the destination page wasnt archived.

Most of the information I know of is in the knowledgebase forum.
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