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Suggestion Feb 2023 - an "Under Reconstruction" web page notice

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Hi Devs!

I'm sure you're all working hammer & tongs in your free time, trying to get ENB back online after moving to a new server, so I'm a bit hesitant to suggest this increase to your workload, but it's short and quick.


It occurred to me that some folks might just go directly to the net-7.org web address and not think to check the Forum. My little suggestion is for a short default html file to be temporarily added to the web root folder, giving a brief one- or two-line announcement that the game is switching servers during Feb/Mar 2023 and will be back in a while; with perhaps a link to point people to the Forum. At the moment, net-7.org just displays a white page with the text "Error connecting to database 'Net7'" at the top.


Best cheers & keep up the good work!

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