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Client gone strange

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Having a strange one.. It's been running fine for a couple of weeks now its just gone odd.


I can login to char selection fine.


Then its 50/50 if I can actually get to the ship/station.  Sometimes get the 'Server Failed to respond to sector login' Error

If I get on, sometimes my ship disappears. The client also locks up every now and then if using a vendor.

I get random mission messages. Then unable to warp or fight.


I play with my son on the same connection, his system is working fine.. so the connection is ok.

I have uninstalled the client and Net7 launcher.

I have disabled virsus checkers and stopped all normal background tasks.


Its odd as its been working fine, but I'm at a loss. Any ideas?




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Actually, it looks like an account issue.

I just tried my sons account on my PC, no problems.


So, I have transferred my main char to another account and that works.. very odd.

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