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Planetoid and moon XP - bug/Feature

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I have been checking this for a few weeks (6+ actually) and I have found that following a server reboot on a Tuesday the explore xp from the moons and planetoids in the following sectors work as expected until thursday evening GMT where upon no xp is registered even when using freshly made toons in a tour till the server reboots:


  • Tau Ceti
    • New Edinburugh
    • Invernes
    • Ardunnine
  • Cygni 61
    • Aganju
  • Beta Hydra
    • Glenn
    • Carpenter
    • Slayton
    • Glorys Orbit
    • Sheperd
    • Grissom
    • Cooper
  • Aragoth Prime
    • Valkyrie Twins
    • Fenris
    • Varen's Girdle
    • Aragoth Prime
    • Freya
    • Nifleheim Cloud


These are the sectors I tour the most for explore XP on a regular basis with 3-4 new toons, Wizaint and Flyingfiretruck have bore witness to these findings as they have seen it when touring with me so I know its not just me being effected. I have not checked other sectors as throughly but I suspect they too will be effected.


The issue could be a server side garrbage collection or possible code irreguarites after a period of time (not having seen the code I'm not sure how it has been implemented to loop). It's not a massive issue as I have not seen anyone else mention it on the forums nor ingame, but its definatley not working as one would expect. Just a heads up for you people in the Dark Magic Den 🙂


All the best - YetiGBR1 the Obsessive as one Dev calls me 😋

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