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Tears Of Asariel

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like most of you im sure, i used to play EnB when it came out, and ever since it closed ive been wanting to play it again, but i figured the game was gone for good (i never figured someone would pick it back up and remake it) so just now while thinking about it again for the millionth time, i tried searching for something like EnB.. and i eventually found this site and was ecstatic about the possibility to play again, but after creating my account, i tried downloading it, but the download was blocked by chrome for being potentially hazardous.. how can i be sure it is safe, and why did chrome flag it?

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1. Chrome as part of the Google ecosystem prefer that you download from there approved and certified own server and Boxed system


2. Chrome also warn about downloading software that are of unknown origins , being an old game, there is no one paying nor interested in certifying it

as safe anymore.


3. If they wanted money they would have done like Star Citizen and ask for tons of money and moneytized every ship and item in the game and you would see ads everywhere and popping up every time your moving your mouse.


4. It was put on a sandbox ( no internet ) , no other software installed but OS to see if it dialed , connected or gathered information or did anything else to the OS and other installed communcation software. It only try to dial the ENB emu server depending on the one your asking to connect to.


Hope this reassure you and convince you to install and come join us in the game. If not it's your loss really.



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you can override chromes warnings   just go to the link at the bottom left corner of the chrome warning


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