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software feature incompatibility: npcap

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Just a FYI, on noticing that winpcap (www.winpcap.org) is no longer being updated and that the developers are pointing people to a replacement called npcap (nmap.org/npcap/), I went and upgraded (on Windows 10). Noticed later that ENB refused to start (initial LaunchNet7 window appeared as usual, but susequently the game client wouldn't start or even play the intro video), throwing up the error message 'Server Failed to respond to Login attempt' - even though LaunchNet7 stated the server was online, and ENB started successfully on another computer.


The npcap installation being the only significant change apart from the usual Microsoft hotfixes, I decided to unstall it to see if it might be the cause.
Presto! ENB sprang back into life without any problem.


Npcap has four options you can select when installing. I have performed a number of re-installations, selecting one different option each time. I've discovered that if you select the npcap installation option "Legacy loopback support for Nmap 7.80 and older", this feature will prevent ENB from starting up.


ENB will run happily with npcap installed, just as long as you don't select the above Legacy Loopback option when installing it.


Probably won't affect many people, but just thought I'd share here, just in case it helps save someone some frustration.

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