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Enrage/Bio repression Balance / Lack of Usefulness

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I've read a few posts, years old now, about these two skills, and yet, they same piss poor behavior still exists.   So while I feel like I may be reinventing the wheel here, I felt it should be readdressed. 


- In short, some many years ago, our friendly mobs had their Psionic resistances improved to create challenge... 

- Also, the aggressive response to healing by our traders or TS was also greatly increased to create a new dynamic in the game for warriors to respond to ... 


Both changes are thoughtful, and add a nice need for some skills, such as Bio-repression(to slow mob attacks from zerging a single player, aka the healer), and Enrage to refocus attacks on the warriors instead of the healers ... 


In theory .... GREAT concept ... I love it ... I like having more to do at raids other than shoot weapons.  


In practice ..... not so good. 


There are no device(s) to improve Bio-repressions effectiveness so it may land 10 to 15% of the time and never on major boss mobs without a TT's debuff(which for a boss mob is not a bad deal).   On top of that, when it does land, the skill block seems to be effective but not the weapon rate delay effect(AoE skill).  This is directly in response to the AoE BioRep.   Furthermore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for TT's or JE's to AoE debuff Psionic in order to make this skill effective(any even if the devices they have did AoE debuff, I would be afraid to think how bad that would generate even more aggression).   As it stands, the very last skill in the BioRep line is effective because single targets can be debuffed.  So it will work, even if not often, but typically with 2 or so TE's using the skill, it will be effective.  


This skill when it works, only shows fire rates with it's AoE skill set.  It would be fantastic if it actually worked a bit more often than it does.  That and the weapons fire rate reduction needs to be checked.


This same story effects Enrage.  It is, in it's current state, worthless.   I trained it ... was using it ... and was chuckled at.   I have recently took those points out and put them into build engines as that has some use on my TE.   People will always try to give me the "TE's" are not tanks ... well, they are more of a tank than any healing class ... and can, by far help take hits with the PW's.  Disagreeing with that is tom foolerly.   This skill effects both the TE and PW naturally.  Even though PW's have a shield that increases the skill, a shield most do not wish to use ... it is still not effective.  When used, the spam of "Mob resisted" is pretty and almost 100% of the time.   It is 100% of the time on any mob CL60 or higher.  


In conclusion ... 


I love the idea of creating challenge with increased Psionic and increased aggression to make warriors work .... but if the tools in game we are given do not work to combat those changes ... even after all these years since said changes ... all I can ask is why not?  


This also leads to many players never using the JS or TS in a healing roll as they are less shielded than a TT or PP.    Any many will never use a PP simply because they can't duel heal shields and armor.  And anyone knows ... any healer who cant heal hull, under current combat situations will die and then so will the team.  


I'm sorry, but when current game play forces almost nothing but TT's to be used as healers because of warriors inability to create a more controlled environment ... then something should be done.   This kind of bottle neck game play takes a lot of flavor out of the game.  


If I had to pick one to be worked on over the other ... I would go for Enrage.   Even as a primarily TE player, I would prefer that skill made effective.  I would gladly put points back into it if it actually worked. 







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