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Gravity Well Pirates

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Back in live, the sulami pirates set up gravity wells in sectors such as Freya, and demand a ransom or open fire on anyone caught in them.  This was an anti-afk measure, as well as flavor, if you could find ways to avoid them without having to pay (Or just beat them down at a high enough level).


Also, If I remember correctly, some grav wells in sectors such as freya were supposed to be temporary, and aren't always in the same place, as they don't show up on databases like the permanent ones on the map databases.



What I'm requesting, is that you add back the ransom feature, or at least fix the pathing in some of these sectors so it doesn't obsessively try to take you through gravity wells..  It's just no fun abruptly getting dropped out of the warp into the middle of a group of 42s that open fire with zero chance to react.

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