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Problems to avoid " The Dragon's Claw" mission

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So here are the problems I've run into doing "The Dragon's Claw" mission (the one that eventually leads to either the mark or seal of the dragon and alliance with the RD).

I post this in hopes you can avoid the same headaches and in many instances begging GM to reset you.

#1  Biggest Headache...mission..you can't forfeit if you screw up and need a GM to fix it, every instance of a mess up you will need a GM to either reset the mission step or to forfeit, there are multiple steps and many you might do nothing wrong but some other thing messes it up and, you guessed it, you will need a GM to dig you out. /FMU don't fix or let you forfeit either, you need a GM.

#2 Don't have others in group that you require (even if you are multiboxing) have the mission as well...as you wend your way through they are going to get "stuck" on a mission step and will require a GM to reset or forfeit for you, just do the mission line with one toon having it, then go back and do it all over again with another toon, I made the mistake of doing the boss with one toon, then respawning for a second toon, you guessed it, second toon was stuck on that step and required GM intervention.

#3 Make sure, when you are killing the bosses there are no other players outside your group there to "help" you. The bosses spawn in chavez areas, other players may wander in and "help" you kill the boss, if they outkill not your group, but the one with the mission, they will "steal" your mob, not advancing your mission AND not letting your respawn your boss so you can advance your mission with another try. You there after are stuck on that step through no fault of yours and will need GM help.

#4 Some of the steps are "speak to a nav" activated fights, and some are "be present at the nav" activated. The be present ones seem to be about every other fight, boss you kill. These the group will get a credit for it, the talk to nav ones will be the ones that other groupies get stuck at, as a step. At least one of the "kill-a-boss" steps actually has 2 bosses. If the toon with the mission is not in range when it's killed they won't get the credit and be there-after forever stuck on that step with no respawn available and will need a GM to help you...It's always a good idea to make sure all party group is not incapped and grouped BEFORE you finish off a boss(s). If the mission taker is incapped but you finish off the boss with the rest of the group...you are asking for trouble and GM intercession.

#5 Scout the area with a toon NOT the mission taker, to make sure other players aren't around before you start, both the "talk to nav" and the "be-there nav" steps you don't want other groups "helping". If other players are there, ask them to please not pitch in, it might mess it all up. If they are engaged in the mission it will give you a "message" tab blinking on HUD to tell you the spawn objective is engaged and you must wait.....um wait...don't pitch in and "speed it up" for the other player..you aren't doing them a favor if you make them get stuck on the step, and it's not counted as dead even when it is, so it never gets counted dead for you to then kill it. Tehn they and you are going to need a GM.

#6 Lag out, several of these spots you have to spawn the boss are populated by piss ant lower mobs..some with LOTS of piss ant mobs. If you engage the boss with them still around, even though you can shrug off the piss ants, after the boss is spawned and they get into the action, I've found it starts to make for quite a bit of lag. So I found it helpful to depopulate all the piss ants (shield nova works great). And then drag the boss off a bit to engage him full on...the fight is going to take a while, since they all have huge resists, the piss ants might respawn before you drop the boss, do NOT drag them near a gate turret or some other faction that hates chavez..they will "help" you into not getting kill credit and you guessed it, be stuck on the step without being able to respawn the boss. Help GM!.

#7 Get a JE with all the WH, this mission line is long and all over the universe, most aren't close to a WH but it's going to cut way down on travel to have a JE about. If you are going to do the mission with other toons, like I said before, run ONE toon through the line, then another...it's not going to work right if you don't, when you get to the stage of getting materials for the NPC to build the thing, you need drops from low lvl mobs from all over, do yourself the favor, get lots of the drop items for the next toon(s) through the mission to use.


With all this said...can I get a GM? My toons are stuck :/

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