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Visual Hull Upgrade Progression (Aka Pictures)

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Heya, I'm pretty new here and not knowledgeable in what we can and cannot / may and may not do so I am asking:


Is it possible/allowed to make a thread here or even just post a link to a screenshot progression of the different hulls?

Like Terran Tradesman (Wing 1/ Hull 1) from upgrade 1-6, TT (Wings 2/Hull 2) upgrade 1-6, etc.


I was looking all over the web for something along those lines or even simpler but hardly any pictures of the progression of the hull models is there to be looked at.

And being the visual kinda person I am I kinda crave it to know how my ship will look before I make a character. I don't know how others feel about it but I'd love to see that.


It's not even something I'd ask of the DEVs. I'd be willing to zap around the galaxy and ask people if I can screenshot their ship for this so we get a, someday, complete and hopefully neat thingie going.


I have no idea if that poses any legal or other issues so all I am is asking.



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Again that is not what I am looking for. No progression of the hull there. I am talking about 6 pics per hull/wing combo and class so we see all variations. ^_~

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