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News from the fields

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Before going any further, let me present you my backstory.
Born on Witberg planet from a nurse mother and father being a engineer, I was raised with the values of helping other and making the world easier to live in.
Nothing much hapenned until I turned 17 and went to Sam's University of Technology to studies quantum physics. It's then, as a way to pay for my study, that I started to sell news cover to N7, this continued a while even after graduation. Upon said graduation I've been hired by Tada-O and N7. After 10years, I became head chief of my own team of engineers to build a quantum device involved in a Ultra-Secret project..
Then, the 'incident' hapenned and got fired from both Tada-O and N7. It took me 5years of depression and medication to overcome my past and embrace my futur. I went to a recruitment booth of EarthCorps in Zweihander and decided to join as it was close to home and would allow me to do field report as a independant reporter while traveling accros the galaxy to defend those in need.

You know the rest,
Cheers, ArmyHaunt

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News from the fields: The Bogeril
by ArmyHaunt

I recently received a mission from EarthCorps Headquarter in Zweihander, Alpha Centauri to scout the main path of Witberg sector and to kill any Bogeril on sight.
It didn't took more to fimd my first story as a independant reporter, in this article, I'll present you the Bogeril civilisation, their cultures, history, their beliefs and much more!

But first, before heading to Witberg, let's see what we can find about them, my book of 'Past Battles: Their effect on todays warfare tactics, Tome XVII: The Bogeril' would be a good start.

The Bogeril is a Terran Independant organisation founded by a great visionary: Sam Bogeril, the history of this faction start a little bit more than 200years ago, in the 22th century, in early 2300, Sam made himself known, he was a descendant of the first settler in Alpha Centauri along with fellow terran, but he wanted more for his people, thus around 2340 he began recruiting follower in the denizens of Alpha Centauri. He've been known as a political dissident and pirate by EarthCorps when he only wanted to share his great vision of a reckoning, of a land he could name his own. Having suffering an economics embargo from most of the other factions, he had to rely on piracy and economic technology to strive in this world, unfortunatly, uncle Sam got kill in 2351 in a skirmish with EarthCorp by captain Gerard Braun.
The Bogeril are primarly a pacifist group prosecuted by many, nonetheless the EarthCorps faction, over territory occupation of Alpha Centaury system. As far as battle tactic goes, they does not seem coordinated but rely on quantity, their technology may be view as a primitive one, using debris of all kind and tape to make some renowned device such as the famous 'Duct Tape' or 'Solar Sail' engine.

As I was preparing my undercover mission, I remembered that I was planning to talk to Bogeril in a EarthCorp faction ship, their nemesis, fortunatly I still had a 'Fetch-O-Tron', a genuine piece of Bogeril technologies consisting as a big glued ball of debris double coated with ultra-sticky glue attached to the ship with elastic rubber band, you can call it Bogeril's own tractor beam, this unique device can normally only be obtained if you're a Bogeril, it will surely show them my pacifist intention.

As I enter Witberg, my ship scanner warn me of a impending threat

*Warning: Unknown Entity 5k away. Status: Hostile.*
*Incoming scan*
*Decrypting... 'Weed and the vrill'... Accuracy of decryption... 34%*

Very interesting! The Bogeril came up with a new hull, they probly didn't attack as they saw my Fetch-O-Tron when scanning me, I wonder what 'Weed and the Vrill' mean, most likely a inside joke. As they dont answer to my reply 'puff.. Puff.. Pass..' I proceed to warp to the Bogeril Negociation Vessel.
Just as I exit warp I find myself surronded by Bogeril fighter, they must has been alerted by their ship near the gate. Nonetheless, I engage conversation
[AH] "Asking permission to speak with your representative."
[Bogeril Fighter] "Don't play games scum! I've saw the fetch-o-tron on your ship, how many innocents have you killed to get it and defy us with it on our own land?"
[AH] "I haven't kill any, I got this device from a old friend, Atomas Liregol, I want to write about your culture so the world may know the truth."
[BF] "It is indeed strange that you know Atomas, I used to know him, you may talk to our representative but under heavy armed escort."
[AH] "Sound like a plan!"

10 minutes later I found myself surronded by heavily armed ship ready to unleash... Wait... Trash?!? at me. Anyway, here I was, before Leeroy Junkbins, well known figure of the Bogeril.

[AH] "Thank you for accepting me on your land. First off, I noticed you have made progress on your ship's Hull, I saw your new model."
[LJ] "Hmm we haven't changed our ship since 78years, what are you here for?"
[AH] "I would like to learn about why you are here and who you are. You are being accused of piracy and attacking convoy, is it true?"
[LJ] "We only get what we need to survive, nobody want to trade with us in fear of those pest at EarthCorps, InfinityCorp has been salvaging our home. I think it is only fair to take back what is ours, we do not do piracy, they do by preventing us the right to live."
[AH] "Do you have any pr..."

*Warning: Hostile Entity on approach. Scan detected.*
*Decrypting... "Weed and the Vrill" Accurancy: 34%*

[LJ] "Let"s talk about this later if you want to live."

As I noticed all Bogeril ship warping away in every direction I realized those aren't Bogeril... Let's go back to Headquarter to report this.

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An interesting and inviting field report, pilot. As one of two Anchors for Net-7 News, I invite you to further post these scoops in the Roleplaying Sub-forum along with all the other field reports across human space. There, your important journals can be properly archived within NET-7 SOL databases and compared with other entries in the interest of validity, integrity, prioritization to the 'front page' of our headlines. It is reports from pilots like you that help keep all of humanity in-the-know with the latest.

I'm glad to have spotted your post before my colleague and rival, Zona Mason. She tends to shy away from battles and focuses upon the movers and shakers of governments, upper-echelon dignitaries and business tycoons. I on the other hand choose to spotlight the grass-roots and front lines of human space. It is refreshing to have another journalist out there, even if they are enlisted with EarthCorps.

From the Situation Room at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.

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