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Raid activation device/credit sink

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I know there has been alot of debate about these, whether it be due to camping or time constraints.  This is just a suggestion at a possible solution that might also help fix a couple other things that I have noticed (lack of certain classes at raids, no value to credits).  I welcome constructive feedback!


  Terran Scout/Progen Sentinel MIssion for a raid activation device  (reason for these two classes is that these are probably the least common found in a raid, especially the TS)  The device would include pieces made by other factions and classes.  Not quite agrippa, but deffinitely not "easy".


  The device itself would have a 12 day cooldown.  This cooldown can be reduced to 7 days by having an NPC power up the device at an excellerated rate at a fee.  ex: 100 million credits per day for a max of 500 million credits.  This would help create a credit sink, and bring the value of credits back into the game (maybe). 


  I tried to keep this short so people will read it, and I have some ideas on specifics for the missions for the device.  I would also like to get some feedback if this is even possible or if poeople would be interested.  Thank you for reading!





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