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claws of IX

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a friend is trying to get 3 lots of claws of IX can someone tell me what that is > I like to try and help him out if I knew what to look for. Thank You for any help.

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The female in question speaking through Kenlz is using a Progen vernacular. "Three lots of me claws" is 15 items of level IX. The item will have a clue as to what she wants. I can tell you she likes shinies, that is some valuable refined mining resources. Think carefully about the names of what she hints at.

One of Growlz' problems is that her vernacular doesn't allow for many words that are longer than five letters, so she resorts to slang and truncated or broken words. She isn't a Progen redneck. Growlz is just.......misunderstood. There is a story behind her, one only a few players know or have gleaned. I myself received a chance encounter and interview with the Progen woman. She is quite eccentric even for a Rogue Progen. She hates Vinda and doesn't care much for Var, Kahn, or even Cassel.

But your Agrippa question is a fair one, I've tried to clue you in without breaking the experience and enjoyment. I myself am stuck on the mission "Hurl Fer Kenlz" as Der Todesengel sector has not yet opened.

Get a grip with Agrippa!

Live from Saturn sector's NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.

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