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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! Thought I would share a vid I made touring the SOL system with the new sectors Thanks to everyone involved bringing this game back!
  2. I would like to pass along a BIG THANK YOU to all the Players  who has done tours with me.   As in "live" we have a bunch of great Players here , 99.9% of the players was very patient and respectful when folk CTD or did not know how to form up  ( there first group )  or left form ie bumping the mouse while we was not in warp . or did not know where Joves was.   They never got mad when I had to pause the tour to clear a nav so a player can get a JS.  They waited for me to type in chat to help players out .   Some had a lot of questions and I Pointed to the EMU fourms game resources / new player area ,  Some even telled me back and told me that  90% of the info they needed was there .   Some New Player's was in " LIVE " and found the emu and was amazed at what we had here . There was a lot of  " OMG I remember this "  .   Some asked about Quest's and I told them we do not have Quest's we have mission's and Job's . GGGrrrrrrr :D :D .   Most of all I would like to shout out to all of the GM's , DEVS  and to all of the Toons who hanged in there in all of the " Stress Test's "  ya they tested my stress lvl's and wipes .   THANK YOU ALL Also I like to thank all the "old timer's " for taking time to help new player's .      
  3. So, I'm not sure how useful people will find it, but this was my attempt at coming up with efficient routes to tour all the publicly accessible parts of the game (e.g., sol, aragoth, sirius, etc; no newb sectors or pirate gates).   Before I go on I should note that these routes were created with the intention of a JE being the leader and having all the wormholes, though if you're only exploring a single system (e.g., aragoth, sol, capella) and not the whole universe, you may not need all the WHs. Also, any backtracking (which is minimal) will be explicitly listed (e.g., Primus, Tarsis, Primus,...).   The parts of the routes in square brackets ("[" & "]") indicate detours onto planets' surfaces, moons, or other little "dead-end" sectors that can be omitted if time is of the essence or if you're feeling lazy. Sector names in bold indicated that a WH was used to get there (e.g., Glory's Orbit, Carpenter, Shepard,...)   So without further ado, here's the routes:   (Example System): (Quick notes) (First sector), (second sector), ..., (N-1 sector), (Nth sector)   Aragoth + Proxima Centauri + Alpha Centauri: (If you can get WH'd into VT to start, you don't need WHs to do this route. If I'm online (Look for "Treetops") and not too busy, I'll drop your group off in VT for free) Valkyrie Twins, Fenris, Varen's Girdle, Aragoth Prime, Muspelheim, Odin's Belt, Odin Rex, Jotunheim, Ragnarok, Freya, Witberg, Zweihander, [Zweihander Planet]   Beta Hydri: (Needs the Carpenter WH to avoid lots of backtracking) Carpenter, Glenn, Slayton, Glory's Orbit, Carpenter, Shepard, Grissom, [Grissom Planet, Grissom,] Cooper   Sol: (Sol is a tricky system to find a non-degenerate route for; Needs the ABB WH) ABB, ABG, Mars, ABB, Venus, Mercury, Pluto/Charon, Akeron's Gate, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, ABA, Earth   Gallina: (No WH needed past Endriago) Endriago, Endriago Planet, Risco Planet, Lagarto   Vega: (No WH needed past Endriago) Endriago, Primus, Tarsis, [Primus, Primus Planet]   Altair: (No WH needed past Endriago) Endriago, Altair III, Nostrand Vor, [Nostrand Vor Planet]   Capella + Castor + Antares: (Need Kailaasa WH to avoid lots of backtracking) Kailaasa, Dahin, [Dahin Planet, Dahin,] Kitara's Veil, Vishao's Cove, Antares Frontier, Kailaasa, Yokan, Ishuan, Menorb   Tau Ceti + 61 Cygni: (No WH needed past Carpenter, or if you can meet in New Edinburgh) Carpenter, New Edinburgh, Inverness, [Inverness Planet, Inverness,] Arduinne, [Arduinne Planet, Arduinne,] Inverness, Aganju   Sirius: (No WH needed past Swooping Eagle) Swooping Eagle, [Swooping Eagle Planet, Swooping Eagle,] Xipe Totec
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