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Found 1 result

  1. There was a " talk " in game chat about all raid trigger's being FFA for a player ....  Please do not kill a trigger on a guild week .   Lets talk about it here .   What can the Dev's do to make this player happy ?   What can the Guild's do to make this player happy ?   We have a rotation set up for the BIG 3 and a public week .  Yes i know the rotation sucks , but it is better than having 30 to 40 campers at a raid area trying to out DPS every one else.   I know the Dev team has " raid trigger's " far down on the " lets get it done list " .  Lets give them the dev team the time they need to push new content in the game . Remember the dev team take time from there family to give us the game we have now .   But to be honest I am getting sick of the daily rants in open chat . ie new player channel .   This post is Me talking , not as a member of one of the BIG 3.  I mean no disrespect to anyone or guild big or small .   All comments are welcome may they be good or bad .
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