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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings all   Let's see how far I get into this and if I manage an actual suggestion. If nothing else I suggest that agro management and/or AI is discussed in detail.   Goals of the discussion: Discuss current mechanics versus goal of the develeopment team versus player request /fun factor/game concerns   My motivation for starting this is two fold. Firstly, through chats with guild mates and other players on Sunset I have a built up notion that healer classes encrue a lot of xp debt and destroyed equipment during raid style play. Consequences of this will be discussed later. Secondly, I performed some simple tests in Antares myself and further questions came up than questions answered.Addressing my test first my observations were the following:   Damaging mob tends to gain agro (although I had a few occasions where agro dropped again after some time without damage, and random targets were chosen). Device activation and skill activation similarly gains the attention of said mob.   Healing generates agro and amount of damage done by other ship to shift agro was roughly the amount of the heal. So a 30k heal required 30k damage to switch agro. This happened for me if: fight starts with 1 single shot to mob, wait for shield regen to kick in for mob and then "start" fight with heal (no distinction between heal and overheal as far as I observed), when starting fight with all out shooting, healing done and agro switched where upon damage could reverse agro switch over time. This is a mechanic that makes sense and may or may not seem balanced. But there was a problem in my testing. The mob I did the most of testing on was a cl48 voltoi with around 120k hp. At the max I waited until 15k hp remaining to fire the second highest rank of shield recharge (around the 30k mark shield gain). Shield recharge prompted the voltoi to switch targets to the healer. In general it seemed agro was gained with first shield recharge no matter what. In extension it seemed like there was no "agro buildup" by doing a lot of damage to the mob. In other words agro from healing had to be overcome by "new damage" each time it was performed. This view was obstructed by a couple of lower level shield recharges that sometimes failed to draw attention of the voltoi. I was unable to pinpoint the exact circumstances of this event though.    Now, these observations were simple, quick and quite possibly flawed. They should only serve as a starting point of the hopeful constructive debate. I will pass this subject along for discussion with the following questions that I would like answered:   Is Earth and Beyond a game where the tank/healer paradigm is a desirable by the community and a goal of the developers? Are there currently flaws in the mechanic of agro tables or AI in the game, when compared with the actual goals of the developers? What kind kind of paradigm would be best fitting to suit the memory of the game lost, the engine we work with, and game play issues in a forward view? Is it desirable for the development team to spread the knowledge of the internal workings of agro rules / AI twitches, or is it another learn and explore issue? Is the current system fair and manageable? (in my view based on my testing, it is not) Are your observations different?   I guess I will finish off with a suggestion of my own: I believe in the tank/healer paradigm, and that agro should be balanced between damage, skill use (hereunder healing), item usage, and possibly visibility/distance. Agro table should be cleared perhaps on full shields regained and maybe a reduction upon incapacitaion/cloaking. It wouldn't hurt if skills like befriend and enrage played a larger role in this agro game than it did in live.Balancing this agro game should be nontrivial in a raid scenario. With multible targets almost always present this would be very simple, even with a lowered agro gain from healing, since healing is AOE and damage is not. If it is difficult to maintain agro as "tank" on a single target, harder mobs will require further spamhealing, resulting in having the incapped/js game, or outfit healers as tanks and everone else is just there not taking damage. So I propose a scenario where there is an equal (or close to) chance of being incapped regardless of role.   With a wish of a good discussion   Yours truly   Morganis/Killcrasy        
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